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Newstead North Neighbourhood Plan

The Newstead North Neighbourhood Plan was adopted by the Brisbane City Council on 7 August 2018 and became effective in Brisbane City Plan 2014 on 14 September 2018.

Newstead North Neighbourhood Plan area

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Plan highlights

The Newstead North Neighbourhood Plan seeks to:

  • promote economic development by supporting low-impact industry that provides services for inner-city residents and businesses
  • encourage creative industries such as artists, designers and local manufacturers, including allowing people to live at their workplace in some circumstances
  • facilitate mixed-use development in areas adjacent to the industry zone, allowing for a mix of uses such as offices, service industry, shops and cafes
  • protect character houses and heritage places in the area, particularly on Montpelier Hill 
  • encourage high-quality design, well-designed urban environments and improved pedestrian connectivity through new development.


Mid-late 2015  
Planning commenced.
Late 2015-mid 2016
Newstead North Neighbourhood Plan Community Planning Team meetings.
Download the meeting minutes: 
15 June-29 July 2016
Draft renewal strategy release for community consultation.
Download the:
18 April-6 June 2017
Public consultation on the draft neighbourhood plan.
Download the:
7 August 2018
Neighbourhood plan and consequential amendments to Brisbane City Plan 2014 adopted by Council. 
14 September 2018
Neighbourhood plan effective in Brisbane City Plan 2014

More information

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