Bulimba Barracks Master Plan

Since mid-2015, Brisbane City Council has been working with the community to regulate future development at the Bulimba Barracks site at Apollo Road. This followed an announcement by the Australian Government Department of Defence that part of the site would be sold and offered for redevelopment.

Council's priority has been to guide development in line with community expectations and support the development of infrastructure including upgrades of local intersections, provision of riverfront green space and opportunities for community events and retention of local heritage.

Draft City Plan amendment package

Council adopted a Temporary Local Planning Instrument (TLPI) on 7 June 2016 under the provisions of the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 to ensure that the development outcomes of the master plan are met.

The TLPI is a binding statutory instrument on any private developer and applies in addition to the current provisions of Brisbane City Plan 2014. It became effective on 10 June 2016 and will be valid for up to one year.

Council prepared draft amendments for the Bulimba District Neighbourhood Plan and other parts of Brisbane City Plan 2014 which were publicly notified for community submissions from 28 October to 9 December 2016.

Council is now reviewing the submissions received and will publish a report on submissions once completed.

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Bulimba Barracks Master Plan area

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Master plan highlights

  • A mix of housing types, with houses and unit developments, with no ‘affordable housing provisions’.
  • Sensitive integration with surrounding residential, with two to three storey unit development increasing to five storeys in some locations towards the centre of the site.
  • The historic fabrication workshop building retained and repurposed for a range of retail, business, commercial and community uses.
  • Local streets that connect to the existing road network and river, and provide sight lines to the Brisbane river.
  • Riverfront parkland, including a land-based riverwalk with pedestrian and cycle connectivity.

You can download the: 

Master plan purpose

Through the proposed City Plan amendments, the master plan will guide future development on matters such as preferred land use mix, building height and type, heritage, flooding, parkland, road network, pedestrian and bike connections, use of the riverfront and any necessary infrastructure upgrades.

The plan will also guide potential owners of the site on the community’s expectations and Council’s vision and objectives for the site, including necessary supporting infrastructure.


July 2012 Bulimba District Neighbourhood Plan in effect
March 2015 Sale of the Bulimba Barracks announced by the Australian Government Department of Defence
August-October 2015 Draft Bulimba Barracks Master Plan released for community feedback
December 2015 Bulimba Barracks Master Plan finalised
June 2016 Temporary Local Planning Instrument 03/16 Redevelopment of Bulimba Barracks (TLPI 03/16) adopted by Council (following Queensland Government approval)
28 October-9 December 2016 City Plan statutory amendments released for community consultation
Early 2017 Queensland Government review of statutory amendments
Mid-2017 Adoption of statutory amendments into City Plan

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12 December 2016