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Dutton Park-Fairfield Neighbourhood Plan

Since March 2015, Brisbane City Council has been working with the local community to prepare a draft neighbourhood plan for the Dutton Park-Fairfield area, which includes parts of South Brisbane, Woolloongabba, Dutton Park, Highgate Hill, Fairfield, Annerley and Yeronga.

The Dutton Park-Fairfield area plays a vital role in our city as a key health, science and knowledge hub, transport corridor and residential area.

The draft plan was publicly notified for community submissions from 27 January to 13 March 2017. Council has now sent the draft plan to the Queensland Government for a second review and approval to adopt.

Draft plan highlights

  • Making sure important heritage sites and local character housing are protected for future generations while improving certainty for local investment.
  • Improving access to major transport infrastructure and public transport, and providing opportunities for new residential development near railway and busway stations.
  • Fostering the development of health and knowledge industries such as at the Mater, Lady Cilento and Princess Alexandra hospitals.
  • Supporting jobs growth by accommodating up to 13,000 extra jobs in the area through additional commercial and retail space.
  • Facilitating a new vibrant pedestrian precinct along Stanley Street including a laneway and plaza.
  • Creating a high-quality streetscape along Annerley Road.
  • Facilitating the development of the Boggo Road Urban Village as a centre for research in eco-sciences within a vibrant inner-city mixed use precinct.

Download the draft Dutton Park-Fairfield Neighbourhood Plan:

Download the draft Dutton Park-Fairfield Neighbourhood Plan large mapping index. You can download the document in full or in parts:

Dutton Park-Fairfield Neighbourhood Plan study area

View Dutton Park-Fairfield Neighbourhood Planning study area  in a larger map.

You can also download the:

Feedback on the draft neighbourhood plan strategy

The draft neighbourhood plan is based on the draft neighbourhood plan strategy, which was released for community comment in October 2015.

A total of 104 submissions were received on the draft strategy, raising a number of issues, including:

  • support for the growth of health and knowledge centres, especially the Mater and PA hospitals
  • support for the overall approach for protecting character housing, but requests for specific sites to be reviewed
  • concerns about proposed building heights in Stanley Street and along Annerley Road
  • requests to improve pedestrian and cycle connectivity in the area
  • requests for more greenspace, particularly at the former RSPCA site and in Woolloongabba Hill
  • desire to improve public transport in the area, including the construction of a CityCat stop in Fairfield.

Feedback outcomes

After considering this feedback and other technical issues, a neighbourhood plan was drafted to translate the land use proposals in the strategy into more specific rules for development. Examples include:

  • refining proposed character residential areas, particularly in Fairfield
  • strengthening protection for heritage buildings
  • reducing maximum building heights behind heritage-listed buildings on Stanley Street
  • adding corner land dedications along Annerley Road to improve pedestrian amenity.

For more information on the issues raised, how they were addressed in the draft plan and an overview of drafting principles, you can download the:

Feedback on the draft neighbourhood plan

The draft neighbourhood plan was released for community comment in January 2017.

A total of 77 submissions were received, with 65 people attending Talk to a Planner sessions, raising a number of issues including:

  • support for the neighbourhood plan and commitment to renewal of the area given its strategic location, while protecting heritage
  • requests for infrastructure, parks and open space, facility and streetscape upgrades in the neighbourhood plan area
  • various site-specific requests for amendments, clarifications or updates to the neighbourhood plan.

Council has sent a response to everyone who made a submission. If you made a submission but did not receive a response, please contact the team.

Feedback outcomes

Council made changes to the neighbourhood plan after considering community submissions and other technical issues, including adding a new Dutton Park station precinct and making specific changes to overlays or zoning on some sites. 

You can download the:

Next steps

Council has now sent the plan to the Queensland Government for approval.

Once approved, the Dutton Park-Fairfield Neighbourhood Plan will be formally adopted and included in Brisbane City Plan 2014 as a legal document that guides development in the area.


Early 2015

Background research

Download the:

Early - mid-2015 Community consultation
30 October to 11 December 2015

Strategy release

Download the:

Late 2015 - early 2016 Draft neighbourhood plan preparation
Mid - late 2016 Queensland Government review of the draft neighbourhood plan
27 January - 13 March 2017

Draft neighbourhood plan release and public notification. You can download the draft plan that was released for public comment:

Download the:


Second Queensland Government review and approval to adopt

Download Council's draft neighbourhood plan submitted to the Queensland Government:

Early-mid 2018 Council adoption and gazettal of the neighbourhood plan

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More information

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