Taringa Neighbourhood Plan

Brisbane City Council has been working with the community to prepare a new neighbourhood plan for Taringa. The plan will support and foster growth in the established Taringa centre where there is strong demand for housing and business opportunities and access to employment, services and public transport.

On Tuesday 2 February 2016, Council adopted amendments to Brisbane City Plan 2014 to include the Tarina Neighbourhood Plan together with necessary consequential amendments. The amendments commenced on 19 February 2016.

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Highlights of the neighbourhood plan

  • New development to be focused in the established Taringa Village, in close proximity to the Taringa Railway Station and high frequency bus services along Moggill Road and Morrow Street. The majority of the neighbourhood plan area will remain unchanged.
  • The Taringa Core Precinct will continue to be the heart of the suburb with new development up to eight storeys providing a vibrant mix of shops, cafes and restaurants, commercial, residential and community uses.
  • High density, mixed use development up to 12 storeys in the Gateway Precinct will improve the pedestrian environment and access to the railway station.
  • A new public plaza will be provided in conjunction with new mixed use development up to 10 storeys in the Harrys Road East Precinct. Development in this precinct will be residential with uses such as shops and cafes on the ground level.
  • Long-term improvements are proposed to the Moggill Road corridor to improve the movement of traffic around Taringa and enable improved amenity and access through Taringa Village.

Project background

The Taringa-St Lucia Neighbourhood Plan commenced in 2010 and was placed on hold in mid-late 2011 pending further investigations into flooding, transport and other infrastructure.

As a result of these investigations, the neighbourhood plan boundary was changed to remove St Lucia and include Brisbane Boys’ College and surrounding properties. This change recognises the strong demand for growth in Taringa, where there is an established centre and public transport to support future growth.

The revised neighbourhood plan is known as the Taringa Neighbourhood Plan. The outcomes of technical investigations, as well as community feedback from the Taringa-St Lucia Neighbourhood Plan process, were used to develop the draft Taringa Neighbourhood Plan.


August 2010 Council commenced neighbourhood planning for Taringa-St Lucia.
October 2010-April 2011 Community Planning Team worked with Council to plan for the future of Taringa-St Lucia.
May-June 2011 The draft Taringa-St Lucia Renewal Strategy was released for community consultation.
Mid-late 2011 Neighbourhood planning was placed on hold pending further investigations into flooding, transport and other infrastructure.
March 2014 Neighbourhood planning recommenced, with the plan boundary changed to focus on Taringa.
November 2014 Council endorsed the draft Taringa Neighbourhood Plan.
November 2014-April 2015 The Queensland Government reviewed the draft plan.
May-June 2015 Public consultation undertaken on the draft plan.

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June-September 2015

Council considered all written submissions received and made changes to the plan where appropriate.

You can download a copy of the Summary of Feedback Report - August 2015 (Word - 375kb).

Late 2015 The Queensland Government reviewed the plan a second time.;
2 February 2016 On Tuesday 2 February 2016, Council endorsed the adoption of the Taringa Neighbourhood Plan and amendments to the Brisbane City Plan 2014.
19 February 2016 Changes to Brisbane City Plan 2014 became effective.

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