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Paradise Wetlands Neighbourhood Plan air quality assessment

In 2010 Brisbane City Council commissioned an air quality study into the effects of the Ace Waste Incineration Facility.

The scope of the study was to determine the appropriate distance between the Ace Waste incinerator and other land uses and was prompted by the preparation of the Paradise Wetlands Neighbourhood Plan.

The study was undertaken by SIMTARS (Safety in Mines Testing and Research Station), experts in providing scientific services in health, safety and environmental management. Council also engaged the services of Air Noise Environment Pty Ltd (ANE) as a third party reviewer.

The study was based on scientific modelling, not on actual air sampling. To determine actual health risks, long-term sampling (i.e. a minimum of 12 months) would have to be carried out by the Queensland Government’s Department of Environment and Resource Management.

Council has provided the final Willawong Air Quality Health Risk Assessment report and third party review to the Queensland Government and has requested advice on how best to implement the recommendations of the SIMTARS report. Council will continue to work with the Queensland Government to ensure the desired outcomes are reflected in the draft neighbourhood plan, which will be available for community comment in the future.

A summary of the recommendations of the report includes:

  1. The recommended buffer zones for future developments range over the following distances from the current position of the Ace Waste stack (see SIMTARS Report Figure 11.1 page 149):
    • 400-800 metres for residences 
    • 100 metres required for workplaces
    • 500-700 metres for sporting fields
  2. Assessment of the risks to existing residents, from current and past exposure, would have to be based on actual emission monitoring results, instead of potential emissions. This is warranted to assess the current health impacts at four sites on Sherbrooke Road, Camden Road and Burman Road, where predicted potential future risks are high.

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Download a copy of the Willawong Air Quality Health Risk Assessment (PDF - 8Mb).

You can also download a copy of the Third Party Review (PDF - 186kb).


29 June 2014