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Planning guidelines

When undertaking a development in Brisbane, you should use these guidelines to make sure your development proposal complies with Brisbane City Plan 2014.

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Planning and building rules

Brisbane City Council, through Brisbane City Plan 2014, incorporates Queensland Government policies with Council's intention for the development of the city over the next 20 years. Find out if you need Council approval.

Infrastructure design guidelines (ePlan)

The Infrastructure design planning scheme policy (PSP) identifies information that Council may request for a development application. It includes guidelines on how to satisfy assessment criteria and standard drawings and specifications for infrastructure provisions, such as stormwater drainage, public footway upgrades and public utilities.

Standard drawings (BSD)

Standard drawings show construction layouts and details of infrastructure assets that are acceptable to Council.

Engineering reference specifications

Reference specifications for civil engineering work show the requirements acceptable to Brisbane City Council for work to be constructed on behalf of or to be contributed to Council.

Infrastructure Installation and Construction Resource Manual

The Infrastructure Installation and Construction Resource Manual outlines the requirements for construction, installation and handover of Brisbane City Council's infrastructure assets.

Technical documents

The Strategic Asset Management Team has prepared research findings about stormwater pipes and Brisbane City Council's pavement management system.

Water and sewerage planning guidelines

Water and sewerage infrastructure within the Brisbane City Council area is coordinated by Queensland Urban Utilities (QUU). These guidelines outline QUU's requirements (including supplementary manuals and standard drawings) for water and sewerage infrastructure.

Industry environmental guides

Council is developing a series of industry environmental guides to offer advice to help industries in Brisbane meet the requirements of the Brisbane City Plan 2014 when building, upgrading, extending or altering their premises and the requirements of the Environmental Protection Act 1994 when operating an industrial activity. 

For more information, download the documents:

For help with these guides, phone Council on 07 3403 8888.

21 December 2018