Priority Infrastructure Plan

The Priority Infrastructure Plan (PIP) is a long-term citywide plan that coordinates trunk infrastructure with land use planning. It is one of the ways Council is working to manage Brisbane's growth and plan for our city's future infrastructure needs.

From mid-2014, the PIP has been known as a transitional Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP), following amendments to the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 (the Act).

The transitional LGIP predicts the infrastructure Brisbane will need to service its growing population and support healthy, well-functioning neighbourhoods. The transitional LGIP provides developers with an indication of what infrastructure they may need to contribute as part of their development. It also assists Council in managing its extensive capital works program by identifying and planning for the delivery of trunk infrastructure over the long-term.

Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP)

From mid-2014, in accordance with the Act, Queensland local governments are required to prepare a compliant Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP) for their local planning schemes in accordance with Statutory Guideline 03/14 Local Government Infrastructure Plans. These will replace all the transitional LGIPs.  

Find more information on the drafting of Brisbane’s compliant Local Government Infrastructure Plan.

Implementation of the current transitional LGIP

The current transitional LGIP comes into effect during the development assessment process when trunk infrastructure is required or when development generates additional demand on trunk infrastructure networks.

Applicants may have the opportunity to offset the costs of providing trunk infrastructure against the adopted infrastructure charges levied on their development.

The Brisbane Adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolution (No.5) 2015 outlines the charges and how the process is administered. More information on infrastructure charges and offsets.

The transitional LGIP constitutes Part 4 and Schedule 3 of Brisbane City Plan 2014. It includes the following information:

Part 4

Schedule 3


Version Title Details
13 May 2016 - onwards Brisbane Priority Infrastructure Plan 2016 Amendments to the transitional LGIP related to the inclusion of new infrastructure items associated with the Albion Neighbourhood Plan.
19 February - 12 May 2016 Brisbane Priority Infrastructure Plan 2016 Amendments to the transitional LGIP related to the inclusion of new local road and park trunk infrastructure items associated with the Taringa Neighbourhood Plan.
30 June 2014 to 18 February 2016 Brisbane Priority Infrastructure Plan 2014 This version of the transitional LGIP was the first version of the plan in Brisbane City Plan 2014.

For earlier versions of the PIP (prior to 30 June 2014), visit Superseded Brisbane City Plan 2000.

26 April 2017