Suburban Centre Improvement Projects

In 1996, Brisbane City Council commenced the Suburban Centre Improvement Projects (SCIP) program to inject new life into suburban shopping centres. To date, this program has delivered $53 million worth of infrastructure improvements to 48 centres across Brisbane.

SCIPs have assisted in the creation of some of our city’s most popular suburban hubs where local residents can meet at a unique destination to socialise, shop, conduct business and entertain.

The aim of a SCIP is to improve the commercial vitality of an area by delivering infrastructure improvement that:

  • creates a distinctive sense of place for local residents, visitors and businesses
  • provides a high-quality, attractive public space where people want to visit and shop
  • improves the accessibility, connectivity and safety of a centre.

About SCIPs

Our city’s suburban hubs provide an enjoyable space for people to socialise, shop, conduct business and entertain. Find out more about SCIPs and why they are good for business and community.


Funding partnerships

SCIPs are funded through a partnership between Council and property owners via a levy system. Learn about the levy and how SCIPs are funded.

The SCIP delivery process

Council works closely with the community on the delivery of SCIPs. Find out more about the process and how you can contribute to the project success.

Public art

Public art is one of the many exciting elements of a SCIP. See how public art is used in SCIPs to improve a centre’s identity and celebrate local history and character.
Woman sitting on the outdoor chair at Samford road;

Current projects

There are currently no SCIP projects.
Kenmore street view

Completed projects

Explore Brisbane’s completed SCIPs to understand how the program has helped to breathe new life into local centres.

SCIP renewals

Council is commencing renewal projects and maintenance plans to refurbish some older SCIP projects. Recently completed renewal projects include: Stafford, Sandgate and Bracken Ridge.

Contact us

For more information about the SCIP projects:

  • email the project team
  • contact Council
  • write to:
    Suburban Centre Improvement Project team
    GPO Box 1434
    Brisbane Qld 4001.