Suburban Precinct Projects

Suburban Precinct Projects deliver public realm improvements to suburban precincts. These projects focus on the area's overall attractiveness, amenity, safety, walkability and identity.

The aim of Suburban Precinct Projects is to contribute to the commercial vitality of the precinct and to generate a sense of place and ownership amongst the local community by delivering infrastructure improvements for:

  • A Beautiful Precinct - revitalisation of the streetscape and the creation of high-quality and attractive public spaces, improving the local identity of a precinct. Streets play a key role economically, socially and environmentally to a precinct's success.
  • A Street For People - streets that are easy, safe and comfortable to walk along and the creation of inclusive and inviting places for all community members to shop, linger and enjoy.
  • A Sense of Place - creating a distinctive sense of place for local residents, businesses and visitors: one that appreciates, responds to and strengthens the qualities that make a place unique. Promoting a 'sense of place' creates enjoyable and interesting places to inhabit, places that are sought out by the community and visitors.
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Current projects

Brisbane's precincts provide enjoyable public spaces for people to linger and enjoy. Find out about current projects and how they transform the city's precincts.

Photo Gallery

View the project photo gallery of current, completed and renewal projects, or alternatively view them in the 'About Suburban Precinct Projects' album on Council's Flickr account.

Suburban Precinct Projects

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