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Ainsdale Street Suburban Precinct Project

Brisbane City Council is undertaking a $350,000 streetscape improvement project to refresh the Ainsdale Street Centre, between Glenrowen Street and Parmiter Street, Chermside West.

The Ainsdale Street Suburban Precinct Project aims to contribute to and encourage local economic development and the community's sense of place at this neighbourhood centre.

Council is committed to creating and maintaining our vibrant suburban centres and the upgrades to the Ainsdale Street shops will help to ensure that Chermside West remains a great neighbourhood place for the local community.

Expected improvements

Expected improvements include:

  • footpath upgrades - replacement of the existing footpath with a visually and physically improved finish to improve accessibility, maintainability and visual amenity
  • improved safety to pedestrian crossing - realignment of existing pedestrian crossings and additional cautionary tactile paving to existing kerb ramps
  • tree planting - to improve visual and physical amenity
  • groundcover plantings - to new and existing garden beds to improve visual amenity
  • street furniture and unique seating - to improve physical amenity and accessibility.

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Construction works are scheduled to commence mid-to-late April 2018 with completion expected by the end of June 2018, subject to weather and latent site conditions.

The majority of the works in the centre will be undertaken as day works from 7am-4pm, Monday to Friday. Some of the refurbishment works may be undertaken on the weekends, as required. The timing of these works is intended to minimise disruption to local residents.

During the construction period, Council will endeavour to minimise disruption to businesses and residents within the precinct. Pedestrian access to all shops will be maintained during trading hours.

More information

For more information on the Ainsdale Street Suburban Precinct Project, contact the project team on 3403 8888.

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Ainsdale Street Suburban Precinct Project


23 April 2018