Planning for growth

Together we’ve already achieved a lot. We’ve created more lifestyle and leisure options and delivered Australia’s most modern public transport while keeping Brisbane clean, green and sustainable. But there’s more work to be done. That means keeping housing affordable and supporting a growing economy while continuing to tackle traffic congestion to make getting around our city easier and safer with more travel options.

Over recent months, we’ve spoken with thousands of people across the city to understand what residents love most about Brisbane and how we can shape the future. It’s clear that while we love Brisbane and where it’s headed, we need to carefully plan for growth.

When growth is managed well, it means more housing choices, better services, more jobs, new lifestyle opportunities and access to more greenspace.

Your ideal Brisbane

Planning Brisbane's future involves a genuine conversation about trade-offs and priorities. That's why we're making it easier to have your say, with an online game and a series of engagement events. Together we'll make some important choices about our city's future.

  • Affordability. How can we make sure housing is affordable for everyone when demand is high and space is limited?
  • Lifestyle. As our city grows, how do we keep it liveable and friendly, while creating new lifestyle and leisure opportunities?
  • Transport. How do we make getting around Brisbane easier, not harder, with more people choosing to live here?
  • Greenspace. How can we create greenspace and leisure areas with more people and limited land?

There's so much we can all agree on and by working together we can create a charter of principles that will guide Brisbane's future.



Last updated:9 May 2019