Topics: cycling

CityCycle bike hire

CityCycle is part of Council's plan to help reduce traffic congestion and ease parking pressures in central Brisbane. Find out about this bike hire scheme.


Cycling Brisbane route planner

Explore Brisbane's diverse range of bikeways and shared pathways using the route planner on Cycling Brisbane's website.


Lycra, basket or dust?

Find out about Ride2Work Day on Wednesday 18 October.

Tips for new riders

Are you a new rider in Brisbane? If so, read our tips for new riders.


Bike parking and facilities

Find Council's bike parking and storage facilities, as well as bike repair stations and public transport services you can take your bike on.


Cycling plans and resources

Find Council, state and national plans and resources to improve the cycling network in Brisbane.


Cycling rules, signs and safety tips

Find information on cycling rules, signs and safety tips to ride safely in Brisbane.


Bike shelter access card

Brisbane City Council provides bicycle shelters for storing bicycles at public transport interchanges across Brisbane. To use a Council bike shelter, you will need to apply for an access card. 


Cycling to school, university or work

Council encourages you to cycle to school, university or work. Read our safe cycling tips and other useful information for your journey.