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Week 2: Buy nothing new

Week two of the Six-Week Food Waste Challenge is about not buying anything new - eat what's already in your fridge, freezer and pantry.


Make sure your fridge is party-ready

There's never more pressure on your fridge than during the festive season.

The humble ice cube tray

This common household item can help you save your food leftovers from going to waste.

New National Food Waste Strategy released

A brief look at the Australian Government's recently launched National Food Waste Strategy.

Community composting for beginners

If you're a beginner community composting hub participant, here's our list of top ten item

Six-Week Food Waste Challenge

Take on the Six-Week Food Waste Challenge with other Brisbane City Council residents and help reduce food waste.

Reusable Cup Campaign

At Council we are committed to supporting the community to adopt behaviours that keep Brisbane clean, green and sustainable. Single-use takeaway cups can be avoided through simple behaviour changes.


Connect to your community

Community composting hubs are a great way to help connect to your local community and meet like-mind

Party platter pizazz

Learn how to craft your party platter to be big on taste and low on waste this summer.

Pasties - the hero of Christmas leftovers

This Christmas, remember your leftovers can be the gift that keeps on giving.