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Opportunity: inner city

Find out detailed information on key inner-city investment locations, see how Brisbane compares against Australian and international benchmarks and review the benefits of our economy and lifestyle that makes Brisbane a great place to live, work and relax.

Opportunity: Brisbane CBD

Brisbane CBD is a great place to invest for business. It is a thriving, modern hub of Brisbane’s urban landscape with future growth expected to accommodate 56 thousand new residents and 160 thousand additional workers.

Opportunity: Fairfield-Dutton Park

Fairfield and Dutton Park are great places to invest for business. They are vibrant residential neighbourhoods, characterised by riverside living and heritage housing close to health and knowledge hubs.

Opportunity: Fortitude Valley

Fortitude Valley is a great place to invest for business. Eclectic and cosmopolitan, Fortitude Valley is experiencing strong growth in the residential and commercial sectors.

Opportunity: Highgate Hill

Highgate Hill is a great place to invest for business. It is an inner-city suburb with river and city views, historic residences, and easy access to events, vibrant local markets and parks.

Opportunity: Kangaroo Point

Kangaroo Point is a great place to invest for business. It is home to iconic landmarks, expansive river views and opportunities to get active and adventurous.

Opportunity: Kelvin Grove-Herston

Kelvin Grove and Herston are great places to invest for business. Modern urban lifestyles combine with a local focus on business, innovation, education, and creativity.

Opportunity: New Farm

New Farm is a great place to invest for business. With its tree lined streets, ornate heritage houses, arts, culture and fine dining, New Farm epitomises Brisbane’s vibrant lifestyle and local contemporary style.

Opportunity: Newstead-Bowen Hills

Newstead and Bowen Hills are great places to invest for business. Glimpses of an industrial past give way to upmarket riverfront living and dining as Newstead, Bowen Hills and Teneriffe embrace a thriving urban renewal.

Opportunity: Paddington-Milton

Hip and friendly, Paddington and Milton each offer their own unique charm and make great places to invest in Brisbane. Paddington is a residential area with strong retail and entertainment precincts. Milton is a higher density, transit-oriented community where people can live, work and play close to public transport, in a pedestrian and cyclist-friendly environment.