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Week five: How to cook with care to make a difference

Week five of the Six-week Food Waste Challenge aims to reduce food waste through portion control and clever food preparation. 


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Take on the Six-week Food Waste Challenge and other Council residents to help reduce food waste, while saving time and money.


Make your own breadcrumbs

Find out clever tips to create your own breadcrumbs to use in meals, and try out our Cauliflower and

Going bananas

How many bananas does it take to make 3500 pieces of banana bread?

Tips to reduce your fridge fails

Trying to organise the fridge to avoid food waste seems to be a constant battle, with the same thing

Have an 'egg-cellent' day

Learn how eggs are a Love Food Hate Waste hero ingredient and can be used to transform just about an

Cutting down on lunchbox waste

As a parent, there is nothing more frustrating than packing your child a nutritious school lunch, on

From scraps to frappes

Just like smoothies, homemade frappes are another great opportunity to use up fruit, juice and herbs

Week six: Learning to love your leftovers

Week six of the Six-week Food Waste Challenge aims to reduce your food waste by getting creative with your leftovers.

Week four: Smart food storage

Week four of the Six-week Food Waste Challenge focuses on understanding how food is best store to ensure it stays fresh and safe to eat for as long as possible.