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Voting terms and conditions - Recycling Art Competition 2017

Read the voting terms and conditions for the Salvage Recycling Art Exhibition 2017.

Waste utility charges

From July 2017, Council will be modifying the name of the Waste Management Service Charge that is applied to all improved premises on rates accounts. The new name for this charge will be a 'Waste Utility Charge'.

Free resources for business recycling

Use these free online resources to help your business achieve its waste minimisation goals and save money.


Acceptable recycling and waste

Find out what you can take to Council's resource recovery centres at Willawong, Chandler, Ferny Grove and Nudgee.

Waste vouchers, fees and charges

Find information on waste vouchers issued annually to ratepayers, as well as waste fees and charges applied at Council's resource recovery centres.

Towards Zero Waste Education Centre

The Towards Zero Waste Education Centre is a Council education initiative based at the Rochedale landfill site

Waste hierarchy

The waste hierarchy is a list of waste management strategies arranged in order of preference from most preferred to least preferred - avoid, reduce, reuse, recycle.


Recycling support for business

Council now provides free recycling support for Brisbane businesses to help make waste minimisation and recycling easy.


Resource recovery centres

Brisbane City Council's four transfer stations have been renamed to 'resource recovery centres' after being upgraded to provide free recycling areas. Brisbane residents can drop off recyclables for free, and any general waste and green waste for the cost of a waste voucher or a fee depending on your load size.


Recycling Art Competition 2017

The Salvage Recycling Art Competition explores the creative potential in reusing and recycling household items and furniture.