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Don't bin those overripe bananas

Bananas are the worlds’ most popular fruit but they can ripen quickly.

Week 6: Learning to love your leftovers

Week six of the Six-Week Food Waste Challenge aims to reduce your food waste by getting creative with your leftovers.


Week 5: How to cook with care to make a difference

Week 5 of the Six-Week Food Waste Challenge aims to reduce food waste through clever food preparation and portion control.


Week 4: Storing food to reduce food waste

Week four of the Six-Week Food Waste Challenge focuses on understanding how food is best store to ensure it stays fresh and safe to eat for as long as possible.


Week 3: Planning and shopping more efficiently

Week three of the Six-Week Food Waste Challenge is about learning how to prevent food from becoming waste by planning your meals and shopping with a list. It's all about forming new habits.


The humble ice cube tray

This common household item can help you save your food leftovers from going to waste.

New National Food Waste Strategy released

A brief look at the Australian Government's recently launched National Food Waste Strategy.

Week 1: Work out how much food you are throwing away

To kick start the Six-Week Food Waste Challenge, it's important to become aware of how much food waste your household creates. By understanding what you waste and why, you can make informed changes to your meal planning, grocery shopping and food preparation.

Six-week Food Waste Challenge

Take on the Six-week Food Waste Challenge with other Brisbane City Council residents and help reduce food waste.

Reusable Cup Campaign

At Council we are committed to supporting the community to adopt behaviours that keep Brisbane clean, green and sustainable. Single-use takeaway cups can be avoided through simple behaviour changes.