Topics: waste


Larger or additional recycling bin

Make recycling easier by ordering a larger or second recycling bin for your home for a one-off establishment fee of $30.


Household hazardous waste

Find out what hazardous household waste you can dispose of safely and where you can locate Council's resource recovery centres.


Damaged bin repair or replacement

Council will repair damaged bins for free. Find out about bin repairs, stolen bins and abandoned bins.

Kerbside collection acceptable items

Brisbane City Council will collect unwanted household items that are too big for wheelie bins as part of the kerbside large items collection. Find out acceptable materials for collection.


Recreate Paper Fashion Show

The Recreate Twilight Market and Paper Fashion Show celebrated National Recycling Week in style again this year in King George Square, Brisbane City on Friday 10 November 2017.


Keeping up the community composting hub habit

Composting at a local community composting hub is a great way to reduce the amount of organic waste

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Green waste recycling service

Green waste recycling bins are an easy and affordable way to dispose of lawn clippings, prunings and leaves.

Waste utility charges

From July 2017, Council will be modifying the name of the Waste Management Service Charge that is applied to all improved premises on rates accounts. The new name for this charge will be a 'Waste Utility Charge'.