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Wavell Heights parks

Find the location of parks in Wavell Heights and information about their facilities.

Park name Location Facilities
Belloy Street Park 24 Belloy Street Playground
Bristol Park 356 Rode Road Cricket nets, picnic area, playground
Edinburgh Castle Road Park 105 Edinburgh Castle Road Edinburgh Castle Road bikeway
Frank Roberts Park 19 Charlotte Street Activity space & fitness station, picnic area, playground, barbecue (wood), cricket practice net
Heinrich Gerns Park (previously known as Magenta Street Park) 71 Magenta Street Shared pathway, outdoor fitness/exercise equipment, picnic area, playground, barbecue (wood)
Maggs Street Park 32 Taylor Street Fitness station
Main Avenue Park 49 Main Avenue Barbecue (wood), playground, shelter
Mercer Park (Shaw Estate Park) 150 Shaw Road BMX facility, outdoor fitness/exercise equipment, playground
Pfingst Road Park 53 Pfingst Road Shared pathway
Rilatt Park 69 Rilatt Street Barbecue (electric), picnic area, playground
Rode Road Park (road reserve) - Doctor Brown's Plot 1 Rode Road  
Shaw Estate Park (Hugh Courtney Oval, Ian Healey Oval, Keith Boden Wetlands Reserve, Mercer Park, Murray Duus Park) 150 Shaw Road

14th Avenue access & Bowls Club car park, Brisbane Beach Spots (Volleyball), Gunyah Lapidary Club, Seikukan Karate Club, Shaw Road Sports Complex Tennis Centre, Wavell Heights Bowls Club, Wavell Heights Community Hall, Wavell Heights Kindergarten, Wavell Heights Scouts, access & car parking (Shaw Road Sports Complex, Cressey Street), barbecue (electric), car park (Shaw Road), community tennis precinct, cricket facility (Shaw Road Sports Complex), dog off-leash area with agility equipment (Murray Duus Park), half court (Murray Duus Park), picnic area (Shaw Road (Huet Street)), playground (Edinburgh Castle Road, Murray Duus Park, Shaw Road (Huet Street), Shaw Road Sports Complex), restoration site (Benelong Bushcare Group), rugby union facility (Shaw Road Sports Complex North Brisbane), shared pathway (Benelong Street, Kedron Brook, Shaw Road to Edinburgh Castle Road), skate facility (Murray Duus Park), wetlands (Keith Boden)

Shaw Park 151 Shaw Road, adjoining Kedron Brook Shaw Park Hockey & Cricket facility, toilets, shared pathway
Studley Park 29 Esdale Street
Barbecue (electric), picnic area, basketball half-court, playground, cycle training circuit
Turquoise Place Park 41 Turquoise Place Downfall Creek bikeway fitness trail, dog off-leash area, playground, shared pathway


26 March 2019