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Cycling to school, university or work

""Bike riding is a sustainable and healthy way to travel to work, university or school. Commuting by bike helps you stay fit, mentally alert while increasing cardiovascular strength and reducing travel costs and traffic congestion.  

You can find the most direct way to work, university or school with the cycling route planner on Cycling Brisbane website. The planner includes dedicated bike lanes, bicycle friendly roads and trails.

Safe cycling

Before you start commuting by bike, it is essential to take all the right precautions for your health and safety. It is important that you:

  • stay alert
  • make sure you can be easily seen
  • have the right equipment, such as a well maintained bike, helmet, bell and at least one brake

For more safety information, read cycling rules, signs and safety tips.

Riding to work

Cycling Brisbane has mapped a number of popular commuter rides across Brisbane to assist you in riding to the CBD within a 10 kilometre radius via Brisbane’s bicycle network. For more information on each individual commute, visit the commuter rides on Cycling Brisbane website.

End of trip facilities

Cycle2City, located in King George Square station, offers secure and safe bike parking as well as change rooms, lockers and clean towels. Cycling Brisbane members receive one month’s free membership at Cycle2City. For more information and to access their exclusive Cycling Brisbane members’ only offer, visit Cycle2City website.  

There are also more than 80 free public bike rack locations in Brisbane City, Fortitude Valley and Spring Hill to park your bike. Visit our inner-city bicycle parking map to find the best one for you.

Workplace bike pools

Have you considered riding to your next business meeting? A bike pool is a pool of bikes owned by your employer that are available for staff to use for business travel. 

A workplace bike pool can substitute the use of a car for local trips and can provide improved mental and physical health for employees. Learn how to set up a bike pool.

University bike access

Most universities provide bike access and bike parking facilities.

  • The University of Queensland publishes maps, lists bike storage rooms and bike racks.  The new Eleanor Schonell Bridge provides cycle access from eastern suburbs into the University of Queensland
  • Griffith University provides a cycling guide for Nathan and Mt Gravatt campuses, including information about the end of trip facilities
  • Queensland University of Technology provides details of bike racks on different campuses

Find the most direct way to university with the cycling route planner which includes trails, dedicated bikeways and cycle friendly roads.


The Active School Travel Program for primary schools aims to encourage and support primary school students, parents, school principals and teachers to walk and cycle to school. The program has helped swap up to 35% of single-family car trips to and from participating schools for an active and healthy transport alternative. 

04 December 2018