Managing your organisation

Regardless of your organisation's size, developing effective processes to manage your operations and resources will benefit your organisation and provide:

  • a clear, shared sense of direction
  • improved services to your current members
  • increased confidence amongst your members and the wider community
  • potential to attract new members and sponsors
  • improved sustainability and future viability. 

Volunteer management

Volunteers play an invaluable role in the provision of sport and recreation in Brisbane. Find information and tips on how to recruit, retain, reward and manage your volunteers.


Event management

Discover planning and preparation resources and tips for holding a successful event.


Resources for your organisation

Find out more information, useful links and resources for sport and community organisations.


Sports field maintenance

A sports field can be an organisation's most valuable asset. Learn how to maintain, restore and improve sports fields.

How Council can help

Brisbane City Council has a team of Sport and Recreation Officers who can provide advice about:

  • organisational development
  • sourcing funds and preparing applications
  • committee skills development
  • recruiting and retaining volunteers
  • lease management
  • connecting with other Council areas.

Phone Council on 07 3403 8888 to speak with a Sport and Recreation Officer.

More information

Find information on Blue card requirements for people working in a paid or voluntary capacity, or to carry on a business, in a child-related area.

The Good Sports program is free and focuses on the creation of sustainable cultural change by enabling sports clubs to change their systems and practices around responsible serving of alcohol.