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Our Shared Vision Mt Coot-tha 2030

After consulting over 2800 Brisbane residents and stakeholders, Brisbane City Council has created a 20 year vision that reflects community aspirations for the Mt Coot-tha precinct.

Download Our Shared Vision Mt Coot-tha 2030 (PDF - 1.4Mb), or read this document below.


Our vision is to embrace Mt Coot-tha as an iconic green landmark for the City of Brisbane. Mt Coot-tha will be valued for its unique environmental, cultural and historical qualities, and be celebrated for its biodiversity, diverse learning and recreational experiences and opportunities.

Brisbane City Council has been working with residents and visitors to create this 20 year vision for the Mt Coot-tha precinct.

Mt Coot-tha will face growing pressures and challenges:

  • increasing use of Mt Coot-tha will need to be managed well, so the precinct retains its values for the City such as sustainability, high environmental quality and attractive landscapes
  • access must consider the needs of all users of the area - their comfort, enjoyment and safety
  • the cultural and historical significance of the mountain should be expressed and celebrated in an equitable, inclusive and sensitive way
  • many stakeholders are involved. To be effective we need a shared direction and collaborative approach for the future

As the Brisbane community, we all have the opportunity to work together to deal with these challenges. They frame this vision and shape our five main themes for Mt Coot-tha:

These five themes also capture the many aspirations and values people identified for Mt Coot-tha through our community engagement activities. To achieve all we desire for Mt Coot-tha by 2030 several outcomes have been highlighted under each of the vision themes. By working together to achieve our vision we can ensure the unique values of Mt Coot-tha will be preserved and enjoyed by future generations of residents and visitors.

A Brisbane icon

Mt Coot-tha as a social and environmental icon forms a backdrop for the City of Brisbane and is cherished by the community for its many and varied values.

Mt Coot-tha has given much to the people of Brisbane in the past. It has been a place for work, rest and play, as a green landmark for travellers and settlers and an exemplar of our locally and regionally important landscapes and habitats. Our links, respect and understanding of our past, helps determine our values and guide our decisions for the future.

Mt Coot-tha will continue to give to the City of Brisbane. If we respect and give back through leadership in planning and destination management it will be a legacy of sustainability and livability for future generations.

Mt Coot-tha will continue to be celebrated and treasured as a Brisbane icon. It will be valued, loved and visited by people from Brisbane and beyond.

By 2030, Mt Coot-tha will be a destination for the new world City of Brisbane which encourages visitors to appreciate, enjoy and understand Mt Coot-tha’s unique qualities, its natural, Indigenous history and cultural heritage values in a sustainable way.


  • Mt Coot-tha’s landscape and environment is promoted as one of Brisbane’s major natural features and landmarks contrasting the built areas of the City
  • Diverse and viable programs and services are well coordinated and highlight the valuable and iconic destinations that form part of Mt Coot-tha.
  • Management practices of excellence are adopted and promoted in the delivery of all activities and operations at Mt Coot-tha to ensure its environmental significance is sustained.
  • Aspects of Mt Coot-tha’s Indigenous cultural and environmental heritage are respected, conserved and promoted sensitively.

A sustainable retreat and refuge

Mt Coot-tha on the city’s doorstep offers residents and visitors with a retreat from our busy city lifestyle where people can embrace and explore the natural environment and places of interest.

As home to a myriad of flora and fauna species, Mt Coot-tha is one of the green jewels in Brisbane’s crown.

Mt Coot-tha in 2030 is a place of diverse flora and fauna which is conserved and protected using sustainable management practices. As home to the world’s premier subtropical botanic gardens and the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium and featuring a comprehensive network of park and visitor facilities and activities, it encourages both the people of Brisbane and our visitors to continue to explore and enjoy this unique place.

In 2030 Mt Coot-tha will be maintained and improved, respectful of its multiple values for the well-being of all Brisbane residents and visitors.


  • Using sustainable design principles and technologies Mt Coot-tha is managed and enhanced with facilities, programs and services that are appropriate for the landscape they occur in and support the conservation of its environmental values.
  • Imaginative re-use and improvements to the built environment will benefit the flora and fauna of Mt Coot-tha.
  • Sustainable management practice and improvements to services, programs and facilities will be based on valuable community surveys, technical studies, natural history and biodiversity information collected for Mt Coot-tha.
  • Enhanced visitor facilities allow all visitors to experience the many natural and built features of Mt Coot-tha in a peaceful, relaxed, safe and healthy way.
  • Visitors to Mt Coot-tha are astounded by the diversity and choice of places and services that demonstrate a commitment to preservation of the natural environment and promotion of a healthy, active and connected lifestyle.

A learning environment

Mt Coot-tha provides a range of places and locations for learning about a variety of topics. Some places are structured with walls, signs and informative guides, others are where we use our senses to explore and discover the secrets and stories of the land, sky and surrounds of Mt Coot-tha.

In 2030, Mt Coot-tha supports a range of enhanced learning opportunities for visitors. Its places are well designed, inspiring and engaging, where visitors are welcomed and encouraged to learn about and explore topics including natural environment, recreation, sustainability, astronomy, history and cultural heritage.


  • The integral natural and built features that make Mt Coot-tha such a special and welcoming learning environment are enhanced, protected and promoted.
  • Interpretive spaces and activities will evolve to engage, educate and raise awareness of Mt Coot-tha and its many features.
  • Accessible programs and activities will facilitate educational and learning opportunities and experiences for all.
  • Informative, innovative and interesting interpretive experiences and facilities will inspire and excite visitors to return to Mt Coot-tha regularly.
  • High quality programs and creative places are designed and open for people to collaborate on.

A place for recreation

Mt Coot-tha’s importance as a place for a wide range of leisure and recreational activities will increase with our population and tourist growth and our love of the outdoor life and natural environment. Mt Coot-tha offers spectacular views of Brisbane City and glimpses of old and new landscapes beyond.

In 2030, Mt Coot-tha will be Brisbane’s premier nature destination for Brisbane City providing visitor services, facilities and varied options for recreation pursuits and unique leisure activities and experiences.


  • Recreation facilities and activities of a high quality and encourage an active, appreciative and healthy lifestyle.
  • Leisure and recreation opportunities are planned and managed to conserve and retain the environmental and landscape values of Mt Coot-tha.
  • An appreciation of Mt Coot-tha’s natural values are part of all recreation facilities and programs.
  • Accessible and diverse views and vistas are created, enhanced and promoted.
  • Community events on Mt Coot-tha bring people together to celebrate the natural environment, landscapes and the city’s lifestyle.
  • Mt Coot-tha’s appeal as a major tourist destination will be maintained and contribute to Brisbane’s sustained prosperity.
  • Existing ‘developed’ footprints will be re-used and revitalised to facilitate quality recreation experiences.

Accessible and connected

Brisbane residents and visitors access and connect with Mt Coot-tha in a variety of ways. It may be a postcard from a relative, a story told at a picnic, an SMS message, a school trip, a photograph of old, a trail hiked, a star gazed upon, a bus tour to Brisbane Lookout.

By 2030, there will be a network of safe and accessible roads, paths and trails physically connecting key features. Incorporating sustainable design principles and management practices this network will provide a way of exploring Mt Coot-tha and promote an active an healthy lifestyle.


  • A network of enhanced and safe transport and movement systems for people and wildlife.
  • Enhanced separation and safe movement for different modes of transport around Mt Coot-tha.
  • Green space connections enhanced for the public exploring Mt Coot-tha and beyond.
  • Key directional, information and promotional messages are balanced with the need for way-finding and the amenity and learning values and features of Mt Coot-tha.

Community consultation

You can also download the Visioning Process flowchat for Mt Coot-tha (PDF - 23kb).

22 January 2019