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Fairfield parks

Find the location of parks in Fairfield and information about their facilities.

Park name Location Facilities
Brisbane Corso Park (no. 55 & 59) 59 Brisbane Corso  
Fairfield Park 94 Fairfield Road Barbecue (electric), dog off-leash area, picnic area/shelter, playground, toilet, water (bubbler/taps) and shared pathway
Fairfield Road Park (no.282) 282 Fairfield Road  
Home Street Park (no.104) 104 Home Street  
Home Street Park 136 Home Street  
J.F. O'Grady Memorial Park 102 Victoria Street Skate park, sporting fields and water (bubbler/tap)
Newcastle Street Park (road reserve) 93 Brisbane Corso Seating
Norm Rose Park (previously known as Fairview Street Park) 40 Victoria Street Activity space (Fairview Street), playground (Fairview Street), shared pathway, seating and water (bubbler/tap)
Princess Street Park (nos. 5-21) 17 Brisbane Corso Barbecue, bikeway, picnic area/shelter (Brisbane Corso), playground (Brisbane Corso), water (bubbler/tap) 
Robinson Park 65 Ashby Street Barbecue (electric), bikeway, picnic area/shelter, playground and water (bubbler/tap)
Turley Street Park 22 Turley Street  


15 February 2019