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Inala parks

Find the location of parks in Inala and information about their facilities.

Park name Location Facilities
Bill Key Lock Place Park 8 Bluejay Street

Playground and picnic area/shelter

Also includes community organisations and facilities for:
  • Inala Kindergarten
Clipper Street Park 71 Clipper Street Shared pathway
Cormorant Street Park (Inala Parklands, Len Waters Place) 197 Poinsettia Street Barbecue, picnic area/shelter (Gannet Street), playground (Gannet Street), shared pathway network
D.J. Sherrington Park (Sherrington Park) 601 Blunder Road 

Durack/Inala Guides, barbecue (wood), half basketball court, picnic area/shelter, playground, shared pathway, skate facility, toilet, volleyball court, water (bubbler/taps)

Elizabeth Bruce Playground Park 38 Bamboo Street  Inala Community House, Our Place Hall, barbecue, basketball court, car park, cricket pitch, netball courts, picnic area/shelter, playground, sporting facility, water (bubbler/tap)
Eridanus Street Park 24 Bellatrix Street Barbecue (wood), basketball half court, car park, picnic area/shelter, playground, volleyball court 
Eugenia Street Park 35 Razark Street Playground (Ryecroft Place)
Forbes Park 4 Ilex Street  Barbecue (wood), half court, picnic area/shelter, playground
Hock Davis Park 63 Lavender Street  Half court (Lilac Street), playground (Lilac Street), water (bubbler/tap), picnic area/shelter, shared pathway
I.S.A. Memorial Park 108 Poinsettia Street
Memorial (Incapacitated Servicemen & Women), picnic area/shelter and shared pathway
Kev Hooper Memorial Park (Frank Denman Place, Hooper Memorial Park, Yuwargurrah-Bah) 167 Lavender Street 

Barbecue (wood), basketball half court (near Hyacinth Street), car park, dog off-leash area (near Hyacinth Street), outdoor fitness/exercise station (near Serviceton Avenue), meeting space (Yarning Circle), picnic area/shelter, playgrounds (Hyacincth Street, Lavender Street), shared pathways, water (bubbler/tap) and volleyball court

Also includes community organisations and facilities for:
  • Habitat Brisbane Group
  • Old Inala Hall
  •  cultural heritage site (Vietnamese Refugee Memorial (Freedom Place)).
McEwan Park 400 Archerfield Road 

Car park, half court, picnic area/shelter, playground (Frederick Cookman Place), soccer nets, sporting field, water (bubbler/tap) and shared pathway

Also includes community organisations and facilities for:

  • Inala & District Darts & All Sports Club.
Monoceros Street Park 40 Monoceros Street Half court and playground 
Richlands Depot Park 24 Government Road  Dog off-leash area (Government Road), water (bubbler/tap/dog bowl)
Thrush Street Park 120 Inala Avenue Barbecues (electric), bikeway (Westcups Way), cycle training circuit (Swallow Street), picnic area/shelter, playground (Inala Avenue), rebound wall (Thrush Street), skate facility (Swallow Street) and car park 
Tollana Place Park 28 Bedarra Street  Picnic area/shelter, playgrounds (Deodar Street, Tollana Place), shared pathway 


20 February 2019