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Kangaroo Point parks

Find the location of parks in Kangaroo Point and information about their facilities.

Park name Location Facilities
C.T. White Park (White Park) 22 Bright Street Kangaroo Point Natural History Trail (section), boardwalk & jetties (The Cliffs), ferry terminal (Thornton Street), picnic area/shelter, playgrounds (Annie Street, Hamilton Street, McDonald Street), shared pathway, toilet (Thorton Street), water (bubblers/ tap/dog bowl) and bike rack
Captain Burke Park (John Burke Park) 117 Holman Street  Barbecue (electric), booking sites, water (bubblers/taps), outdoor fitness/exercise equipment, ferry terminal (Holman Street), pathway network, picnic area/shelter (Holman Street), playground (Holman Street), public toilet (Holman Street), shelter and bike rack

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Castlebar Street Park 39A Castlebar Street   
James Warner Park 33 Annie Street Kangaroo Point Natural History Trail (section), shared pathway and car park
Kangaroo Point Cliffs Park (River Terrace Park)
29 River Terrace

Naval Store (Riverlife Adventure Centre), car park (Lower River Terrace), boardwalk (The Cliffs), booking sites (City Skyline Outlook, Amphitheatre, St Mary's Hideaway), water (bubblers/taps), climbing precinct, lookout (Scout Place), ferry terminal (Maritime Museum), kiosk (opposite Main Street), picnic area/shelter (Lower River Terrace, opposite Main Street, opposite Llewellyn Street, opposite Paton Street, opposite Oz Care, opposite Walmsley Street), public toilets (Kangaroo Point Cliffs, Lower River Terrace, opposite Main Street), table tennis tables, barbecues, seating, bike rack and Wi-Fi

Canon Garland Memorial - Anzac Day Origins is located at the northern end of this park, near St Mary's Anglican Church

Kangaroo Point Cliffs Park is a part of the Renewing Great Brisbane Gardens project.

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Main Street Park(Kangaroo Point) 234 Main Street  
Raymond Park (Pineapple Park) 184 Wellington Road  Accessible toilet, barbecue (electric), water (bubblers/taps/dog bowl), cricket facility (Raymond Park), car park (Baines Street), dog off leash area including small dog off leash area (Baines Street), outdoor fitness/exercise station (Wellington Road), half court (Wellington Road), shared pathway network, picnic area/shelter (Rawlins Street), playground (Rawlins Street), public toilet (Barnes Street), skate facility (Wellington Road), soccer facility (Kangaroo Point Rovers)
Wellington Road Park West 260A Wellington Road  Picnic area/shelter


11 April 2019