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Manly parks

Find the location of parks in Manly and information about their facilities.

Park name Location Facilities
Bayside Park (Narlung) 450 Esplanade Access road (Bayside & Little Bayside Park), barbecue (electric), water (bubblers/taps - includes three wheelchair accessible bubblers with dog tap and bowl), playground, picnic area/shelter, public toilet, shared pathway, bike racks

View the photos in Council's 'Bayside Parklands' Flickr set.
Darling Point Park (road reserve) 95 Lower Esplanade Water (bubbler/taps), car parking (Esplanade & Lower Esplanade), outdoor fitness/exercise trail (Lower Esplanade), shared pathway, picnic area/shelter
Drevesen Park 83 Lower Esplanade Bayside Sea Scouts, booking site, shared pathway, rebound wall, picnic area/shelter
George Clayton Park (Wynnum Bandstand Park) 298 The Esplanade Wynnum Bandstand, accessible toilet, barbecue (wood, electric), booking site, water (bubblers/taps), car parking (Upper Esplanade, Lower Esplanade), pathway network, picnic area/shelter (playground, waterway), fenced playground, public toilet
Harman's Park 38 Curtis Street Manly Community pre-school, picnic area/shelter
Little Bayside Park (road reserve) 42 Fairlead Crescent Manly Pool, water (bubblers/taps), car parking (Royal Esplanade), shared pathway network, picnic area/shelter, seating
Raeburn Street Park 36 Curtis Street Playground, picnic area/shelter, seating
Richard Russell Park (Manly Monument Reserve) 184 Carlton Terrace Manly War Memorial, Savoyards Musicals Comedy Society, seating, water (bubbler/tap)
RQYS Port Centre Park 578J Royal Esplanade Manly Harbour bird roosting site, seating, water (bubbler/tap)


16 April 2019