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Salisbury parks

Find the location of parks in Salisbury and information about their facilities.

Park name Location Facilities
Assembly Street Park (No.75) 75 Assembly Street
Assembly Street Park 61 Assembly Street Outdoor fitness/exercise equipment, soccer fields, shared pathway and water (bubbler/tap)
Bill Moore Park 116 Myra Road Barbecue, picnic area, playground
Kellett Road Park 104 Kellett Road  
Lillian Avenue Park (Salisbury Reserve) 309 Lillian Avenue Playground, picnic area and water (bubbler/tap)
Rosebank Square 64 Rosebank Square  Barbecue, half court& netball hoop, picnic area, playground and water (bubbler/tap)
Salisbury Recreation Reserve (Russ Hall Park) 323 Evans Road

Barbecue, car park (Ainsworth Street), car parking (Allandale Street, McCarthy Road), cricket facility, dog off leash area (Evans Road), fitness circuit, half court, netball facility (Southern Districts), picnic area (Ainsworth Steet, McCarthy Road), playground (Ainsworth Street, McCarthy Road), public toilet, shared pathway and water (bubbler/tap)

Also includes community organisations and facilities for:

  • Sailsbury Bowls Club
  • Sailsbury & District Senior Citizens Centre
  • Rocky Waterholes Catchment Group restoration site
  • Scorpions soccer club facility.
Toohey Forest Park 600 Toohey Road  James & Mary Mayne Estate (North), Mimosa Creek Bushland, Sandstone Circuit & Western Outlook, Shire Road Conservation Reserve to Toohey Ridge, Toohey Forest Conservation Park, Toohey Mountain Reservoir, access & car parking, bikeway (Mayne Estate), picnic area (Toohey, Mayne Estate), playground (Canefield Street, Edgehill Street), restoration site (Mayne Reserve), shared pathway network (inter-campus, Lophostemon, Toohey & Nathan Ridge), track network (Mayne Ridge & Pegg's Lookout) 
Wilcox Park 441 Orange Grove Road  Bushland and walking trails


06 March 2019