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Wakerley parks

Find the location of parks in Wakerley and information about their facilities.

Park name Location Facilities
Arenga Street Park 2 Arenga Street Picnic shelter, playground, water (bubbler/drinking fountain)
Barrington Crescent Park 11 Barrington Crescent Pathway, picnic area
Barwin Street Park 10 Barwin Street Pathway, picnic area, playground
Behan Crescent Park 30 Behan Crescent Pathway, seat, playground
Cannes Street Park 16 Caringbah Street Playground, seats
Dianthus Street Park (South) 23 Dianthus Street Pathways
Figtree Place Park 17 Figtree Place Seat
Gordon Crescent 21 McCormack Place Pathway, playground, seats
Green Camp Road Park 90 Greencamp Road Habitat restoration site (Habitat Brisbane Bushcare), picnic shelter, walking track (to Green Camp Road)
Gumdale Street Park 23 Gumdale Street    
Manly Road Park (no. 880) 880 Manly Road Barbecue, bubbler/taps, picnic area (Lexey Crescent), playground (Olsen Crescent), shared pathway (Olsen Crescent) 
Matthews Way Park 12 Matthews Way   
Matthews Way Park (no. 83) 83 Matthews Way   
Moss Road (no. 42) 64 Watervale Parade  Pathway
Mossvale Drive Park 7 Torrens Crescent  Barbecue, pathway, picnic area, playground 
O'Reilly Street Park 10 O'Reilly Street Playground
Phillips Place Park (Wakerley) 11 Phillips Place Dog off-leash (Campbell Street), bubblers/taps, playground, shared pathway
Sheriff Park (previously known as Habitat Drive Park) 45 Habitat Drive  Barbecue, bubbler/tap, dog off-leash area, outdoor fitness/exercise equipment, pathway, picnic area, playground, seats 
Stendell Street Park 28 Caladium Street Pathway
Suprano Place Park 7 Taylor Place   
Tilley Road Park (no. 73) 73 Tilley Road   
Tilley Road Park 195 Greencamp Road  
Tilley Road Park (no. 228) 228 Tilley Road    
Torrens Crescent Park 20 Margaret Crescent Barbecue, pathway, picnic area, fitness station, dog park with shelter, playground, toilet 
Wakerley Park 74 Dianthus Street Wakerley Park bird habitat, Wakerley Park fitness, sport & activity space, playground (Claire Place), barbecue, picnic area (Claire Place), accessible toilet
Yarra Road Park 4 Yarra Road   


19 February 2019