Bush Kindy at home from Boondall Wetlands Environment Centre - video transcript

This page is a video transcript of the Bush Kindy at home from Boondall Wetlands Environment Centre video on Council's YouTube channel. The video is 7 minutes and 30 seconds long.


>> ALLISON: Hello. I’m Allison.

>> LT: And I’m LT.

>> ALLISON: Welcome to Brisbane City Council environmental centres. We are here today at Boondall Wetlands to invite you to join us for the Bush Kindy at home. So before we begin, let’s do our Bush Kindy Acknowledgement to Country. All you need to do is follow me and my actions. Are you ready?

>> LT: Sure am.

>> ALLISON:: Fantastic. Take a deep breath in.

Here is the land, here is the sky, here are my friends and here am I.

Very good. Well done.

>> LT: Great. Today’s Bush Kindy is about bees and butterflies. Oh! Hello bee. Aww! Hello. Have you ever seen a bee in your garden? Do they visit the flowers in your garden or your balcony? Or somewhere in your backyard?

What else do we see visiting flowers? Another insect. Oh, hello butterfly. How beautiful. Hello. Say, ‘hello’ to the butterfly and say ‘hello’ to the bee.

Great, so let’s go outside and see if we can find some bees and butterflies on a walk. Allison, I think we need our bees and butterflies binoculars.

>> ALLISON: Let’s get our buzz on. [little laugh]

>> LT: Let’s go!

>> LT: Wow! I’ve found some bees. Look up here in the hollow of this tree. Can you see the tiny, tiny black bees? Flying around, some of them are going inside their hive. These are our native Australian stingless bees.


>> LT: What’s up?

>> ALLISON: I know a really fun buzzy bee song that you could sing with me. Do you wanna join me?

>> LT: Wow! Yeah, that would beee great!

>> ALLISON: Great! Well everyone, I need you all to stand up and get your hands and your arms ready and I want you to follow LT while I sing the song. Are you ready?

>> ALLISON: Here we go.

[Intro music, clapping]

>> ALLISON: The bees in the garden go buzz, buzz, buzz. Buzz, buzz, buzz. Buzz, buzz, buzz.
The bees in the garden go buzz, buzz, buzz all day long.

>> LT: Hey, did you know bees do a dance to tell each other where the best flowers are?

>> ALLISON: Wow, I didn’t know that. Can you tell me more?

>> LT: Yeah, it’s amazing. So the bees do a dance called the waggle dance, where they waggle their bottoms in the direction of the flowers, and that way, they tell the other bees where to find food.

>> ALLISON: That is so cool.

>> LT: It’s amazing. Would you like to try the waggle dance with us? Stand up, loosen up, pretend you’re a buzzy bee with your antenna and your wings. Get ready to waggle your bottom and the bee dance. There's a flower over there! Waggle, waggle, waggle. Waggle, waggle, waggle.


>> LT: Yeah.

>> ALLISON: There’s some over here.

>> LT: Woah, let’s waggle, waggle, waggle that way. Amazing!

>> ALLISON: Amazing.

>> LT: Woo.

>> ALLISON: It’s a beautiful butterfly we have here. You can see its beautiful tiny little legs and they use those tiny little legs to taste and to sense the plants. It’s very important, oops, it’s flying off now. It’s very important they use those senses on their feet and they choose the right plant to lay their eggs so that their caterpillars can hatch and eat and grow and then turn into a butterfly.

Hey, did you know that bees and butterflies play a vital role in helping our plants and flowers grow? Well, we’re gonna learn about this today but we are gonna do it in a fun way and we are gonna play a game.

You will need buckets, about a quarter full of water, pegs, yellow food colouring, some large bulb basters or teaspoons, large pictures of flowers, ice-cube trays and if you would like, you can make your very own bee lanyard or bee costume. Place the ice cube trays in a central location in the garden. These trays will act as the honeycomb in the hive for this game.

[Music playing]

>> ALLISON: Place buckets of water around the garden, add some food colouring to turn the water yellow and peg a flower to each bucket.

Each child wears their bee lanyard or costume and gets a teaspoon or baster. The aim of the game is for children to go from flower to flower just like a bee using their baster or teaspoon to suck up the flower nectar. They then run the nectar back to the honeycomb and drop it in. They continue until the honeycomb in the hive is full. They are busy bees getting ready to make honey.

Wow! Congratulations, you have filled all your honeycomb and you now have very happy bees.

That’s the end of the game. Thank you.

>> LT: Aw, that was a fun game. I hope you will have fun playing that at home at your place out in the garden.

>> ALLISON: So, well done and this is something you could do at home.

>> LT: Fantastic, thanks Allison. Well everyone, thanks for coming along to Bush Kindy at Boondall and at home at your place, we hope you’ve had some fun and we hope you will go out into your garden and have some fun with your own bush kindy at home. Thanks everyone and we’ll see you next time.

>> ALLISON: Bye.

>> LT: Bye.

Last updated: 29 April 2021