Children's storytime with Ben at Mt Ommaney Library

This page is a transcript of the Children's storytime with Ben at Mt Ommaney Library video on Brisbane City Council's YouTube channel. The video is 5 minutes and 20 seconds long.


>> BEN: Hello everyone my name’s Ben and I’m from Mt Ommaney Library. Unfortunately, you couldn’t be here with me for story time, so I thought I’d bring story time to you.

But before we begin, I’d like to do our Acknowledgement to Country. If you’ve been to some of our children’s literacy sessions before you will know this one really well and you can do the actions with me.

Here is the land, here is the sky. Here are my friends and here am I.

Thank you very much. Now today’s book is The Sloth Who Came to Stay. Its written by Margaret Wild and Vivienne To. 

So, this book is about a sloth and a little girl, and it’s also about her family.  So, as we read this story you might be able to think about your family as well. Let’s have a look.

[reading the book]: Amy’s family was the speediest family in the world. They walked fast, they drove fast, they shopped fast, there was never any time to talk or play or laugh and laze. They even ate fast.

[reading the book]: ...until the afternoon Amy brought a sloth home to stay. "Where on earth did you find him?", Dad asked.

[reading the book]: "Hanging from a tree in the park," Amy said, plucking one beetle and two moths from his fur. Mum shuddered. "He needs a bath", she said.

[reading the book]: Sloth shook his head very, very slowly, because sloths do everything slowly. "Quick smart," said Mum.  "I have to warn you, Sloth," Amy whispered, "we are the fastest family in the entire world."

[reading the book]: Sloth had a long, leisurely bath with lots of bubbles, a purple duck and a red boat. He dried himself slowly, combed his fur slowly, and admired himself for ages in the mirror and then crawled down the stairs for dinner.

[reading the book]: Amy, Mum and Dad were already sitting at the table. "Quick sticks, old chap," said Dad. "Chop chop", said Mum. "See what I mean, Sloth?" Amy said with a sigh.

[reading the book]: Sloth ate very, very slowly. He was so slow that Amy had plenty of time to talk about the things that had happened that day.

[reading the book]: There were lots of exciting things that Amy did that day. "How amazing!", said Mum. "I wish I’d been there!", said Dad.

[reading the book]: When sloth had finished helping (very slowly) to do the dishes, Dad said, "Just enough time for a quick trot around the block before bedtime."

[reading the book]: But sloth couldn’t trot. He dragged himself along, very, very slowly.

[reading the book]: So slowly that Amy and Mum and Dad had plenty of time to chat with the neighbours, pat a cat, and throw a stick for a friendly dog.  Admire the moon and try to find the red star.

[reading the book]: When they got home, Sloth made himself comfortable hanging from a tree in the garden.

[reading the book]: Amy hugged him good night. "Thank you", she whispered. "This has been the best day of my life." Sloth stayed for three glorious weeks.

And it looks like they got up to lots of fun and adventure a little bit slower than they normally would.

[reading the book]: But one morning Sloth moved next door… to the new speediest family in the world. "I’ll miss him", Dad said. "He’s such a restful little fellow."

[reading the book]: "He’ll hate it there", Mum said. "That family’s always in such a rush. They walk fast, they drive fast, shop fast, and eat fast." "Oh, sloth will change all that", Amy said.

[reading the book]: And he did, very, very slowly. 

Thank you for joining us for a story today. We miss you very much and we look forward to seeing you again, hopefully after 30 April.

So, thanks again from Mt Ommaney library and we will see you hopefully soon.

Last updated:26 June 2020
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