Children's storytime with Daniel at Mount Gravatt Library - video transcript

This page is a video transcript of the Children's storytime with Daniel at Mount Gravatt Library video hosted on Brisbane City Council's YouTube channel. This video is 8 minutes and 21 seconds long.

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>> DANIEL: Morning, or afternoon everybody. This is Daniel from Mount Gravatt Library again. I miss everybody so much. The library is so quiet now. It’s still great, and we’re still doing lots of hard work here still, but I miss you guys a lot.

Today, I thought we could read some stories about colours. Colours! I did a song about rainbows and colours earlier, so you can go and check that our if you want to.

But first, let’s do our Children’s Acknowledgment to Country.

Here is the land, here is the sky. Here are my friends, and here am I.

And, we need to talk about washing our hands. You need to wash your hands a lot. They say you need to wash your hands for twenty seconds. Twenty seconds seems like a long time, but we could sing a cool song, while we’re scrubbing our hands. I think that’d be fun. Ready?

[singing]: Everybody scrub your hands, scrub your hands, scrub your hands.
Everybody scrub your hands til they’re nice and clean.

[singing]: Everybody scrub your knuckles, scrub your knuckles, scrub your knuckles.
Everybody scrub your knuckles til they’re nice and clean.

[singing]: Everybody rub your fingers, rub your fingers, rub your fingers.
Everybody rub your fingers til they’re nice and clean.

[singing]: Everybody rub your palms, rub your palms rub your palms.
Everybody rub your palms til they’re nice and clean.

And shake them, get them all nice and dry. Awesome.  Good job. Alright.

I’m going to read two books today. I’m going to read one book called The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse, by Eric Carle. He’s one of my favourite kids’ authors.

He’s written some amazing books. It’s got beautiful colours, beautiful colours. Great. He’s written a lot of other books — written one’s specifically about colour — and I’m pretty sure you guys would have read this before. The Hungry Caterpillar. Remember The Hungry Caterpillar? That’s an Eric Carle book as well.

Then we’ll read this unicorn one about colours. Should be cool. Alright. Let’s start with this one.

[reading the book]: The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse.

Wow, that’s called the end pages.

[reading the book]: The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse. I am an artist, and I paint.

Bet one of you little toddlers, you paint a lot.

[reading the book]: A blue horse and…

Woah, that’s a cool blue, look, there’s blue there too, blue. I can see blue, blue, blue, I’m wearing a blue shirt!

[reading the book]: A red crocodile.

His sharp teeth.

[reading the book]: And a yellow cow.

There’s yellow there! Yellow cow, that’s very yellow. Can you see anything yellow? Hmm, what about in your home. Can you see anything yellow?

[reading the book]: A pink rabbit!

A pink rabbit! Look how big his ears are. Massive.

[reading the book]: A green lion.

That would be very scary if I saw a green lion.

[reading the book]: And, an orange elephant.

Orange, it’s my favourite colour. I love orange.

[reading the book]: An orange elephant, and…a purple fox.

Cool. I love the colours in this book. And the illustrations.

[reading the book]: And, a black polar bear.

Look at his big claws. Wow. And what is that?

[reading the book]: A polka-dotted donkey.

Wow, he’s got all the colours. He’s got green, red, yellow. Can you see the blue? Can you see blue? There’s blue right there. And pink, wow, that’s so cool. A polka-dotted donkey.

[reading the book]: I am a good artist.

Cool. By Eric Carle. If you ever see an Eric Carle book in the collection when you’re in here, take it. Because you don’t get to see too many of them, because they disappear very quickly.

Alright, we’ll grab another book called Unicorn. A magical book of colours. This books got a hole in it. You can look through it. Cool.

[reading the book]: Little red unicorn is galloping along.

Can you see all the red? She’s got red hair. Pretty cool. And a red butterfly. Wow.

[reading the book]: Bright yellow unicorn sings a happy song.

Look at that, the rainbow part is yellow there. And her hair’s yellow, and there are yellow flowers and a yellow bee.

[reading the book]: Pretty pink unicorn gives her mane a swish.

Pink hair. Can you see anything else pink on the page? Pretty cool book.

[reading the book]: Happy purple unicorn makes a magic wish.

She looks very magical, she’s got wings. Purple wings.

[reading the book]: Shy green unicorn finds a place to hide.

She’s in the forest. Lots of green in the forest.

[reading the book]: Kind orange unicorn gives someone a ride.

Can you see who’s on her back? What is it? It’s a mouse.  There’s a little mouse. And there’s an orange butterfly.

[reading the book]: Soaring blue unicorn flies up to the moon.

That’s pretty high.

[reading the book]: A rainbow of unicorns will all be sleeping soon.

Very cute unicorns though. We’ve got orange, red, blue, pink, green and yellow, and oh, what’s that one? Know what colour that is? It’s up there too, it is purple! Purple unicorn. I think they’re a bit tired though, we should put them to bed. Say goodnight.

That’s the Unicorn. That’s in our collection, you can get that when we open again. And there are heaps of cool other coloured books as well. There are heaps more, but I just can’t carry them all.

Alright. Thanks guys. I miss you very much, can’t wait to see you soon. Bye.

Last updated:3 June 2020
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