Children's storytime with Galumph at Toowong Library - video transcript

This page is a transcript of the Children's storytime with Galumph at Toowong Library video on Brisbane City Council's YouTube channel. The video is just over 6 minutes long.


>>GALUMPH: Hi everyone. I’m Galumph and I live at Toowong Library and I’d really like to share one of my favourite stories with you. 

Before all our storytime sessions, we always do the Children’s Acknowledgment to Country.  Would you like to do that with me now? 

First, we put our hands down low and say "here is the land", and then we put our hands up high and say "here is the sky". We put our hands out wide "here are my friends" and then give yourself a big hug, "here am I".

Let’s do it again.

Here is the land, and here is the sky. Here are my friends and here am I.

And while you are giving yourself that big hug, can your feel that hug coming from me to you? And while you’re giving yourself that big hug, you can send that hug to all of your friends.

Would you like to read a story? Great.  Let’s get started.  This story is called My Friends and it’s written and illustrated by Max Low. 

I always like to read dedications in books.  I open this one up and it says "to my best friend, Amy".  My best friend is called Nicola.  "Hi Nicola!".

[reading the book]: Hello! I’ve made some friends.  Would you like to meet them?

[reading the book]: Mossy is a good friend to be quiet with.  Shhh. We don’t always have to talk.  Sometimes we just sit and dream together.

[reading the book]: Archibald likes lions.  He makes a good lion.  Raaa.

Can you make a good lion? Oh I think I heard you roar.  Well done.

[reading the book]: I could watch clouds all day with Ezza. This one is a big beard to keep a chin warm.  Look at that one.  It’s a woolly mammoth!  And that one is a poodle!

[reading the book]: Pepper cooks me yummy food. 

Mmmm I do love tomatoes and carrots, lemons not so much.

[reading the book]: Olga is the friend I like to listen to music with.  We drink hot squash while we listen.  Sometimes we like to dance too.

[reading the book]: Herman has an interest in knitting.  So far he has made a tangle.  We are all very proud. 

I think it is going to take a long time to get out of this tangle.

[reading the book]: Lima invents things.  I invented something once, but Lima had already invented it.  She’s good at that.

[reading the book]: Bert looks after worms and flies and slugs and snails. 

Yum I think I am getting a bit hungry. 

[reading the book]: He takes care of them because he is big and they are small. 

I love this snail and the curly whirly shell.

[reading the book]: This is Plim.  Plim like to pretend to phone people. He mostly talks about the weather. 

Oh, what kind of day is it here?  

[reading the book]: This is Klaus, my imaginary friend.  It’s good to have an imaginary friend because they can be with you whenever you need them.

[reading the book]:  I love my friends.

[reading the book]:  But sometimes … I just like to be by myself…

… and I draw and I build and I daydream. 

[reading the book]: Now you have met my friends, tell me about yours.

And that’s the end of My Friends by Max Low. I do hope you enjoyed it.  I do love sharing stories with my friends.  I wonder if you had a favourite part of that story. 

Maybe you could draw me a picture of it.  Maybe you could draw me a picture of your favourite friend.  I‘d love to see it.

Well until we can meet again in the library.  It’s bye now from Galumph.

Last updated:14 July 2020
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