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This page is a video transcript of the Children's Storytime with Golda at Annerley Library video hosted on Brisbane City Council's YouTube channel. This video is 7 minutes and 28 seconds long.

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>> GOLDA: Hi everyone, it’s Golda here at Annerley Library.

Now, we want to share a story with you today because we miss you so much.

Today my story is going to be Oi Puppies!.

But before we read the story, lots of you will know, we always start our sessions with the Children’s Acknowledgement to Country.

So, ready? We go:

Here is the land, here is the sky; here are my friends and here am I.

Oi Puppies.

Here are the end papers of the book: bright green and covered in puppies.

Does anyone have a puppy at home? Title page, Oi Puppies! Written by Kes Gray, and it’s illustrated by Jim Field.

Now, some books have a dedication to somebody. Today we’re going to dedicate this storytime to a really great kindy teacher called Michael.

Let’s start.

“Oi, oi, oi, what’s that infernal noise?” asked the cat.

“Yes, where’s that barking and yapping coming from?” said the frog.

“I’m looking after some puppies,” said Dog.


“How many puppies?” frowned the frog.

“Quite a lot of puppies,” gulped Dog.

This one’s called Tiddle.

This one’s called Buster.

That one’s called Rover.

This one’s called Jock.

And this one’s called Milo.

“Sit, Milo!” said the cat.

“He won’t sit,” said the dog.

“Sit, Tiddle!”

“She won’t sit either!” said the frog.

“Why won’t they sit?” asked the cat.

“Because they’re puppies,” said the dog.

“Puppies are far too busy being puppies to sit.”

Is that true?

“Hold on,” said the cat. “I thought puppies sat on guppies?”

“That’s right,” said the frog.

“Not these puppies,” said Dog. “These puppies are really badly trained.”

“There’s a puppy hanging from my whiskers,” frowned Cat.

“He’s called Spot,” said the dog.

“There’s a puppy chewing my swimming trunks,” said the frog.

“She’s called Lollie,” said the dog.

“What are these puppies called?” said Frog.

“Tickle, Blue, Scamp, Rebel, Smudge and Shep,” said the dog.

“And what are these puppies called?” frowned Cat.

“Winnie, Cheeky, Spike, Flash, Trubble and Trixie,” said the dog.

That’s a lot of puppies.

[Gasps] “Well, do something about them!” yelled the cat.

“Let me make a phone call,” said the frog.

I wonder what he’s up to?

Oi Animal Seating Supply Co. Oh!

“Where do you want everything?” said the delivery duck.

“On the next page please,” said the frog.

Shall we turn the page to see?

“Look!” gasped the dog. “Buster is sitting on a duster and Jock is sitting on a clock!”

“That’s right,” smiled the frog.

“Buster’s on a duster, Jock’s on a clock, and Tiddle is on a fiddle.”

“That’s not all,” smiled the cat.

“Rover’s on some clover, Milo’s on a lilo, Tickle’s on some pickles, and Smudge is on some fudge.”

“I wonder what Spot is sitting on,” said the dog.

What do you think Spot’s sitting on?

Well, “Spot is sitting on a yacht.

Spot’s on a yacht, Rebel’s on a pebble, Shep’s on a step, Scampy’s on a lamp –

Scamp’s on a lamp – Cheeky is on some tzatziki, and Blue is on a shoe.”

“I wonder what Lollie is sitting on,” said the cat.

“Lollie’s on a trolley,” said the frog.

“Lollies on a trolley, Trixie’s on a pixie, Flash is on a splash, Spike’s on a trike, and Winnie on a pinny and Trubble is on a bubble!”

“That’s amazing!” said the dog.

Look at them all!

“I’ve never seen so many puppies SO well behaved.”

“Hold on, what do tadpoles sit on?” said the dog.

“And kittens that are allergic to mittens?” said the cat.

“Why do you ask?” frowned the frog.

Why do you think?

[Gasps] Oh no, look! All the tadpoles! What are they saying?

All their names.

“Where do we sit?”

“I’m Billibob.”

“I’m Boofal.”

“I’m Fluffkins.”

Look at all these tadpoles and kittens!

“My name is Orange.”

“My name is Lemon.”

“My name is Miffymops.”

“My name is Cuteykins.”

“My name is Diddly.”

“My name is Squiggly.”

“Oi taxi!”

[Gasps] He’s still running! All the way, that way.

That’s the end. More puppies.

I really like that one. It’s a little bit silly. Now, shall we sing a little song about a frog?

What about the frog that goes garlumph? Ready? So we go…

[Sings] Der-glumph went the little green frog one day. Der-glumph went the little green frog.

Der-glumph went the little green frog one day, and they all went glumph glumph glumph.

But we all know frogs go [claps] la di da di da, [claps] la di da di da, [claps] la di da di da.

We all know frogs go [claps] la di da di da. They don’t go glumph glumph glumph.

No they don’t. Alright, that’s my story for today.

So remember to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for more storytimes, and Babies, books and rhymes, and Toddler times. And hopefully we’re going to see you very, very soon. Thanks.

Last updated:14 May 2020
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