Children's storytime with Julie at Ashgrove Library - video transcript

This page is a video transcript of the Children's storytime with Julie at Ashgrove Library video hosted on Brisbane City Council's YouTube channel. This video is 13 minutes and 9 seconds long.

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>> JULIE: Hi everybody, I’m Julie from the beautiful Ashgrove Library. We are all missing you all at the moment and really looking forward to you coming back into the library after we open.

But for now we have a lovely storytime for you. Today I’m going to read some stories by Mem Fox.

A Giraffe in the Bath

Oh! Excuse me George

and The Magic Hat.

But before we start our storytime, let’s do our Acknowledgement to Country:

Here is the land, here is the sky, here are my friends and here am I.


Now let’s do our greeting, our hello song, everyone get their waving hands ready.

[Singing] Hi hello and how are you, how are you, how are you?
Hi hello and how are you, how are you today?
Oh, Julie’s here today, oh Julie’s here today,
let’s all clap our hands cause Julie’s here today.
And George’s here today, and George is here today,
let’s all clap our hands ‘cause George is here today.

Excellent. Now before we start our stories I thought we could play a game with George the giraffe. So just like Simon says we are going to play giraffe says. Ready?

Giraffe says, "Touch the sky".  Giraffe says, "Touch the ground". Giraffe says, "Touch your knees, touch your toes."  Oh Did you say touch your toes?  No. That’s okay boys and girls we’ll keep going. Giraffe says, "Sit down, open up your ears and listen to our story." Thank you, George.

Right the first story we are going to read is A Giraffe in the Bath. It has some lovely rhyming words in it to so listen out for them. A Giraffe in the Bath by Mem Fox. Look there’s a Koala there and a duck.

A giraffe in the bath – now does that make you laugh? Sure does look at that look at all those long legs getting tangled up. And we’ve got koala sitting What’s that he got? It might be a towel to dry the giraffe! It would have to be a big towel wouldn’t it.

Or a frog in the flour? Where’s the frog? Can you see the frog. Is that the frog? No that’s a kookaburra. There’s the frog.

Or a sheep in the shower? Have you ever seen a sheep in the shower Boys and girls? Look at all the  other animals with their towels.

They are all getting nice and clean aren’t they. An owl with the flu? Achoo! Or a Roo in the loo? Wow What’s the Roo doing? He’s reading a paper.

A crocodile with style? Or how about…

A python as a ruler? Look at that python. What does a python say?  Sssss.

Or a hippo with a hula? Do you have a hula hoop at home boys and girls? Maybe you can practice on that.

Piranhas in Pyjamas? Oh my goodness and this piranha looks like they’re reading a book.

Or a piglet kissing Llamas? Let’ count the llamas, one, two, three, there are lots of llamas, four, five, six. I hope I haven’t missed any!

A walrus with a wiggle—now does that make you giggle?  Let’s do a wiggle everybody.

Or…a centipede in socks?  Needs a lot of socks I think. Or an elephant that rocks? Have you got a guitar at home or maybe you can pretend to rock on your guitar?

A lion cub that sings? Raw

Or an emu on the swings?

Oh no! A giant slip-up in the bath—taka a look at the giraffe! Woops whats happening Oh theres water coming down.

Now let’s go back and peek, and then… Let’s burst out laughing one again!

Wow! that was a great story. What did you think George? You liked it Yes  excellent.

Now we are going to sing a song about this animal. I think this animal was in the story. I really do. I think there might have been frog in the flour.  So you can pretend to be a frog at home and jump up and down.  Ready?

[Singing] Gulumph went the little green frog one day,
Gulumph went the little green frog,
Gulumph went the little green frog one day
and they all went gulumph, gulumph, gulumph.  

But--we all know frogs go La-de-da-de-da, (clap), La-de-da-de-da, La-de-da-de-da.
We all know frogs go (Clap) La-de-da-de-da.
They don’t go gulumph, gulumph, gulumph.

Very good.  Now we might do another story, hey. Now this one is about a magic hat. Do you have any magic hats at home boys and girls? I’ve got a hat here - I wonder if its magic. Does it look like a magic hat boys and girls? George is it a magic hat? No! it’s a country and western hat like you would wear on the farm. So! See if I can find a hat. What about this one? Is this a magic hat? It’s pretty close isn’t it. It’s a witch’s hat.  

Okay! Let’s have a story The Magic Hat and this Is by Mem Fox as well. Look at those beautiful colours on the costume and look at that hat. There’s another hat there too.

The Magic Hat by Mem Fox.

[reading book] One fine day, from out of town, and without any warning at all, there appeared a magic hat!

Can you see the magic hat boys and girls?  Is it a red hat? No! it’s a blue hat.

[reading book] Oh. The magic hat, the magic hat It moved like this, it moved lit that! It spun through the air and over a road and sat on the head of a warty old…    

Oh! What is it?

[reading book] Toad! 

[reading book] Oh, the magic hat, the magic hat! It moved like this, it moved like that! It spun through the air like a bouncing balloon and sat on the head of a hairy …baboon! 

Now say it with me boys and girls.

[reading book] Oh, the magic hat, the magic hat! It moved like this it moved like that! It spun through the air from way over there and sat on the head of a sleepy old …bear!

Oh, the magic hat, the magic hat! It moved like this, it moved like that! It spun through the air (Its true! It’s true!) And sat on the head of a…kangaroo! Oh.

Look at that.

[reading book] Oh, the magic hat, the magic hat! It moved like this, it moved like that! It spun through the air for a mile and a half and sat on the head of a lofty …  

What sort of animal, George...?

[reading book] Giraffe!

That might be George I think.  Look at George, And then …

[reading book] With a skip, skip, skip, skip and then with a hop, hop, hop, hop, a wizard appeared with a sign that said 'Stop!'.   

Look at all the people on the hill. Wonder what’s going to happen to the wizard?

[reading book] So everyone stopped and stared in surprise at the wonderful wizard with sparkling eyes - who took from his beard with a nod and a wink, a wand, which he waved—and what do you think?

Let’s wave our wands everybody. What’s going to happen? Look at that wand.

[reading book] So he waved his wand and the toad...

where’s the toad?

[reading book] the baboon, the bear, and the ‘roo, and of course the giraffe (oh, what a to-do!), turned back into people, dazed and confused, watched by a crowd that was highly amused!

While no one was looking, the wizard meanwhile, skipped out of town with a mischievous smile.

And of course, on his head was the fabulous hat...that made all the magic, wherever it sat!

That’s a fantastic book about the magic hat.  Now you might like to go and find some paper and pencils and draw a picture of oh I don’t know maybe a giraffe or a magic hat. That would be fantastic.

Now I think it’s time to close our storytime. But all you grown-ups out there check out our library catalogue which has lots of ideas on our First 5 Forever page. Looking forward to seeing everybody soon when we reopen. But in the meantime, enjoy drawing those pictures. And now let’s do our goodbye song. Ready everybody.

[Singing] Now it’s time to say goodbye, say goodbye, say goodbye.
Now it’s time to say goodbye. We’ll see you all very soon.

Thanks everybody. Good bye.

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