Children's storytime with Michele at Annerley Library - video transcript

This page is a video transcript of the Children's storytime with Michele at Annerley Library video hosted on Brisbane City Council's YouTube channel. This video is 11 minutes and 33 seconds long.

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>> MICHELE: Hello everyone, my name’s Michele and I’m from Annerley Library.

I’m sorry you can’t be with me today but I’m coming to you! So we’re going to do a little storytime session, but we’re going to begin with our children’s Acknowledgement to Country.

You’ve probably done this before, but just follow along with me.

Here is the land, here is the sky; here are my friends, and here am I.

That was lovely. Okay, today we’re going to do a story, one of my favourite stories by Julia Donaldson called Room on the Broom.

Julia Donaldson is a fantastic author, mums and dads and carers. She does lots of really lovely rhyming stories.

So our story today is about a witch and her cat and her broomstick. And they make some new friends in this story and we’re going to meet some of them.

So let’s listen to Room on the Broom.

The first thing we see is a hat.

On this page we’ve got a hat, a broomstick, a bow and a wand.

The witch had a cat and a very tall hat and long ginger hair that she wore in a plait.

How the cat purred and how the witch grinned as they sat on their broomstick and flew through the wind.

But how the witch wailed and how the cat spat when the wind blew so wildly it blew off the hat.

Look, her big tall hat has been blown off!

“Down!” cried the witch, and they flew to the ground.

They searched for the hat, but no hat could be found.

But then out of the bushes, on thundering paws, there bounded a dog with the hat in his jaws!

He dropped it politely, and eagerly said, as the witch pulled the hat firmly down on her head.

“I am a dog, as keen as can be. Is there room on the broom for a dog like me?”

I think there is!

There’s the cat and there’s the dog and the witch.

“Yes!” cried the witch, and the dog clamoured on.

The witch tapped the broomstick and whoosh! They were gone.

That’s very nice of the witch. Here they are.

Over the fields and the forest they flew.

The dog wagged his tail and the stormy wind blew.

The witch laughed aloud and held onto her hat, but away blew the bow from her long ginger plait.

There’s the bow, flying away, down to the ground.

“Down!” cried the witch and they flew to the ground.

They searched for the bow, but no bow could be found.

Ah! Then out from a tree, with an ear-splitting shriek, there flapped a green bird with a bow in her beak.

She dropped it politely and bent her head low.

Then said, as the witch tied her plait in a bow.

“I am a bird as green as can be. Is there room on the broom for a bird like me?”

“Yes!” cried the witch, so the bird fluttered on.

The witch tapped her broomstick and whoosh! They were gone.

There they are. The bird, the cat, the dog, and the witch with her bow and her hat.

Over the reeds and the rivers they flew.

The bird shrieked with glee and the stormy wind blew.

They shot through the sky for the back of beyond.

The witch clutched her bow , but let go of her wand!

There it is, falling down.

“Down!” cried the witch and they flew to the ground.

They searched for the wand, but no wand could be found.

Then all of a sudden, from out of the pond, leaped a dripping frog with a dripping wet wand.

He dropped it politely then said with a croak, as the witch dried her wand on a fold of her cloak.

“I am a frog, as clean as can be. Is there room on the broom for a frog like me?”

“Yes,” said the witch, so the frog bounded on.

The witch tapped the broomstick and whoosh! They were gone.

Over the moors and the mountains they flew.

The the frog jumped for joy – there’s the frog, jumping up and down for joy!

What do you think happened?

And the broom snapped in two! Oh no!

Down goes the dog, and the cat, and everyone!

Down flew the cat, and the dog, and the frog, down they went tumbling, into a bog.

The witch’s half broomstick flew into a cloud and the witch heard a roar that was scary and loud.

I wonder what the witch is going to find in the cloud?

[Gasps] What is it? It’s a dragon!

“I am a dragon, as mean as can be, and I’m planning to have witch and chips for my tea!”

“No!” cried the witch, flying higher and higher.

The dragon flew after her, breathing out fire!

There’s the fire.

“Help!” cried the witch, flying down to the ground.

She looked all around but no help could be found.

The dragon drew nearer, and licking his lips, said, “Maybe this once I’ll have witch without chips.”

Oh, yum yum yum. Do you think?

Bu just as he planned to begin on his feast, from out of a ditch rose a horrible beast!

It was tall, dark and sticky, and feathered and furred.

It had four frightful heads, it had wings like a bird and its terrible voice, when it started to speak, was a yowl! And a growl! And a croak! And a shriek!

It dripped and it squelched as it strode from the ditch,

And it said to the dragon, “Buzz off, that’s my witch!”

[Gasps] What does the dragon look? He looks a little bit scared!

It does look very scary, that creature.

The dragon drew back and he started to shake.

“I’m sorry,” he spluttered. “I made a mistake. It’s nice to have met you, but now I must fly.”

And he spread out his wings and was off through the sky.

Then down flew the bird and down jumped the frog.

Down climbed the cat and, “phew!” said the dog.

And, “Thank you, oh thank you,” the grateful witch cried.

“Without you I’d be in that dragon’s inside.”

Oh look, they’re all coming to say, “hello” to the witch.

Then she filled up her cauldron and said, with a grin, “Find something everyone, throw something in!”

So the frog found the lily, and the cat found a comb, the bird found a twig, and the dog found a bone.

They threw them all in and the witch stirred them well.

And while she was stirring, she muttered a spell,

“Iggidy, ziggidy, zaggidy, zoom!”

Then out rose a truly magnificent broom!

Look, it’s even got armchairs, a shower.

With seats for the witch, and the cat and the dog.

A nest for the bird and a shower for the frog.

“Yes!” cried the witch, and they all clamoured on.

The witch tapped the broomstick and whoosh! They were gone.

Wow, what a magnificent broomstick!

They’re all happy and comfy on the broomstick and that’s the end of our story called Room on a Broom.

So you might like to make up stories like this at home.

And in that story, what did we first have?

The first animal we had in that story was a cat that looked a little bit like this cat.

So, if you’ve got some cuddly toys at home, you might like to find a cat if you’ve got one.

And then, what else did we have?

We had a dog!

And I’ve got a very cute puppy dog here, with long, floppy ears.

So that’s my dog.

And then we had a bird!

So I’ve got my little bird here.

So the bird was there. I think it found the bow.

And lastly, we had a frog!

And there’s my frog. So I have all my friends here to help tell the story.

But if you don’t have the right toys, it’s okay, because when I was retelling this story, I would use this as my dragon.

He’s really a crocodile, but we could pretend that he’s a dragon.

He looks pretty fierce to me.

And before I started this story I made myself a simple wand. So you might like to do some simple craft like that. I just made it out of some gold paper and a long paddle pop stick.

So that would be my wand. And if you have other cuddly toys at home, you might like to set them up and get a story book that you really love and actually tell the story to your toys.

So thank you all for being with me today. And don’t forget we miss you a lot.

You can still follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And until next time, I’d just like to say goodbye and stay safe.  Bye everyone!

Last updated:15 May 2020
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