Library and Information Week: Chicken Divas craft with Rosemary and Rebecca at Chermside Library - video transcript

This page is a video transcript of the Library and Information Week: Chicken Divas craft with Rosemary and Rebecca at Chermside Library video hosted on Brisbane City Council's YouTube channel. This video is 7 minutes and 30 seconds long.


>> REBECCA: Hi everyone, I’m Rebecca

>> ROSEMARY: And I’m Rosemary and we’re from Chermside Library. Let’s get started with our Children’s Acknowledgement to Country.

>> TOGETHER: Here is the Land, here is the sky, here are my friends and here am I.

>> REBECCA: Yay, welcome to Library and Information Week 2020. This year, the theme is ‘create'. Every day this week Brisbane Libraries will be sharing an online event celebrating creativity. We encourage you all to get creative and share the projects that we inspire.

>> ROSEMARY: First of all, I would like to say thank you to Shelly at Inala Library for her reading of Whitney and Britney Chicken Divas for National Simultaneous Storytime.

>> REBECCA: (clapping) Yay!

>> ROSEMARY: Today we will be making a fantastic Chicken Diva for our craft. Here’s our Chicken Diva!

>> REBECCA (laughing): Yay!

>> ROSEMARY: So to make your wonderful Chicken Diva you’ll need some glue, some coloured paper or just some plain paper that you colour in yourself. A pair of scissors, some colours, some glitter glue (if you’ve got any at home), sticky tape, a paper plate or a piece of cardboard and some fabulous colourful feathers.

>> REBECCA: So, everyone, first of all we’ll cut out some pieces for the chicken. So first of all we have got a beak that we cut out earlier and we’ve got a comb, on a chicken it’s called a comb but I think for Chicken Divas it might be some hair, very fancy. And we’ve got really cute little feet, there we go, some little feet. And you can out little nails on it or you can paint some on, because every Chicken Diva needs some fancy nail polish.

>> ROSEMARY: Okay everyone, now that we have everything ready and everything cut out, it’s time to make our wonderful and fabulous and colourful chicken divas. So...

>> REBECCA: First of all we are going to fold our plate, in half, or our piece of paper and we have a body. Cool.

>> ROSEMARY: Excellent. Okay so now we can grab our comb or hair and you can either sticky tape of glue it to the top. Just like so. I’m using sticky tape.

>> REBECCA: And I’m using glue. There we go.

>> ROSEMARY: Excellent! Okay now it’s time to put on our beak, so grab your beak, like so.

>> REBECCA: You have to line it up, just in the right spot.

>> ROSEMARY: Beautiful!

>> REBECCA: Good stuff.

>> ROSEMARY: Great stuff! Okay now we need to put on our chicken feet, so grab your feet.

>> REBECCA: Feet.

>> ROSEMARY: And just down the bottom. Mine’s got beautiful, painted, orange toenails.

>> REBECCA: Mine’s got orange too!

>> ROSEMARY: Oh my goodness

>> REBECCA: Very fancy.

>> ROSEMARY: It’s a very fancy manicure, or pedicure?

>> REBECCA: Oh my goodness, look at its pink feet, or her, it.

>> ROSEMARY: So I think we need to add some very colourful feathers now.

>> REBECCA: Yes!

>> ROSEMARY: For that extra touch of fabulous.

>> REBECCA: What colours are you going to use Rosemary?

>> ROSEMARY: Okay, I am going to use all of them. I’ve got yellow, pink, green, blue and purple.

>> REBECCA: Excellent. Oh my goodness.

>> ROSEMARY: So I think we bunch them together, down the bottom?

>> REBECCA: Yeah, sticky tape will be best for that one as it will sort of hold them all together. Or you can do glue, one by one I suppose. There we go.

>> ROSEMARY: And then just group them together.

>> REBECCA: Oh my goodness, that’s fun!

>> ROSEMARY: I know. It’s a little bit fiddly.

>> REBECCA (laughing): I love it!

>> ROSEMARY: Look at that chicken tail!

>> REBECCA: Oh my goodness. Flamboyant, that is the word.

>> ROSEMARY: Okay so now I think we need to decorate our chicken with a colourful eye.

>> REBECCA: Yes, eye.

>> ROSEMARY: Yes, so you can just grab your pencils. What colour eye shadow are you going to use?

>> REBECCA: Oh! I might use some glitter.

>> ROSEMARY: Oh, that’s a good idea.

>> REBECCA: And make sure it’s got really long, glamourous eyelashes. How lovely.

>> ROSEMARY: Absolutely! So I’ve got a blue eyed diva. She is going to have red eyelashes.

>> REBECCA: And I’m going to put some glitter gel. Eek! Maybe I’m going to put some glitter gel. Look sometimes things don’t work, and then we can go and use a nice colouring in pencil.

>> ROSEMARY: Goodness me my glitter is not working either.

>> REBECCA: There we go.

>> ROSEMARY: So instead that is okay, we can just use some colour pencils. Make some eyeshadow.

>> REBECCA: It’s very pretty.

>> ROSEMARY: And then add whatever decorations you want to your diva.

>> REBECCA: Yes! Our lovely one here has a beautiful necklace on. You can put some jewels.

>> ROSEMARY: I’m going to give mine a necklace as well.

>> REBECCA: Me too.

>> ROSEMARY: Because what’s a diva without jewels?

>> REBECCA: What colours your necklace?

>> ROSEMARY: Pink!

>> REBECCA: Ooh nice, mine’s red.

>> ROSEMARY: Excellent.

>> REBECCA: It takes a little while to get those jewels on. There we go.

>> ROSEMARY: I think my diva’s finished.

>> REBECCA: Ooh! Me too!

>> ROSEMARY: What are you going to name your diva, Rebecca?

>> REBECCA: I think I might call her 'Scarlet'.

>> ROSEMARY: Scarlet! Mine’s named Delilah. Aren’t they fabulous?

>> REBECCA: They are great!

>> TOGETHER: (chicken noises)

>> REBECCA: Thank you for joining us today we hope you’ve enjoyed our National Simultaneous story time craft. What will your chicken divas look like?

>> ROSEMARY: Remember to share your Whitney’s and Britney’s in the comments below, by tagging us at Brisbane Libraries or using the hashtags, #Brisbane Libraries #LIW2020 #NSS2020. Tomorrow Wynnum Library will be having a lovely tea party with all their toy friends. We hope you can join for more storytime creativity. Bye everyone!

>> REBECCA: Bye!

>> TOGETHER: (chicken noises)

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