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This page is a video transcript of the Library and Information Week: Children's storytime with Karen at Wynnum Library video hosted on Brisbane City Council's YouTube channel. This video is 10 minutes and 14 seconds long.

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>> KAREN: Hi everyone. I’m Karen from Wynnum Library. Today’s storytime! But first we’re going to do Acknowledgement to Country and here are the words. And it goes like this…

Here is the land, here is the sky, here are my friends and here am I.

Welcome to Library and Information Week 2020. This year’s theme is 'create'. Now every day this week Brisbane Libraries will be sharing an online event. It’s celebrating creativity. We’d like to encourage you to get creative and then share the projects we inspire.

So let’s do the hello song first and it goes like this:

[singing] Hi, hello and how are you? How are you? How are you?
Hi, hello and how are you? How are you today?

So today’s story is The Tiger Who Came to Tea. So say we do 'I’m a Little Teapot'.

So get your teapots ready? It goes like this…

[singing] I'm a little teapot short and stout.
Here is my handle, here is my spout.
When I get all steamed up then I shout
tip me over pour me out!

Oh, let’s do the other side.

[singing] I'm a little teapot short and stout.
Here is my handle, here is my spout.
When I get all steamed up then I shout
tip me over pour me out!

Oh, singing action songs helps develop the kids' muscles and coordination and it also helps with memory and language and that’s why we do action songs at our children’s events.

So now we’re about to read our story. So take a seat, get comfortable and off we go.

Hi, so the story is The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr.

Once there was a little girl called Sophie, and she was having tea with her mummy in the kitchen.

Suddenly there was a ring on the door.

Sophie’s Mummy said, “I wonder who that can be.

It can’t be the milkman because he came this morning.

And it can’t be the boy from the grocer because this isn’t his day to deliver.

And it can’t be Daddy because he’s got his key.”

Do you have your groceries delivered or do you go to the shop?

Oh, who is it?

Sophie opened the door and there was a big, furry, stripy tiger.

Aren’t they great words? Big and furry and stripy.

And what colours are they?

Orange and black. And he’s rather tall so you could talk about the tiger.

The tiger said, “Excuse me, but I’m very hungry. Do you think I could have tea with you?”

Oh, that’s so polite isn’t it? Ha, for a tiger.

Sophie’s Mummy said, “Of course, come in.”

So the tiger came into the kitchen and sat down at the table.


Sophie’s Mummy said, “Would you like a sandwich?” But the tiger didn’t take just one sandwich. He took all the sandwiches on the plate and swallowed them in one big mouthful. Owp!

Oh, now is that good manners?

And he still looked hungry, so Sophie passed him the buns.

And ah, but again the tiger didn’t eat just one bun. He ate all the buns on the dish.

And then he ate the biscuits and the cake until there was nothing left to eat on the table.

How rude!

So Sophie’s mummy said, “Would you like a drink?”

And the tiger drank all the milk in the milk jug and all the tea in the teapot.

Can you see? Oh.

It looks like Sophie likes the tiger.

And then he looked around the kitchen.

Can you see him looking around?

…to see what else he could find (really to eat).

Oh my gosh, he ate all the supper that was cooking in the saucepans…

Hang on a minute that’s their dinner!

…and all the food in the fridge… Oh, look how tall!

…and all the packets and tins in the cupboard...

…and he drank all the milk, and all the orange juice, and all of Daddy’s beer, and all the water in the tap.

Oh, look at that, just drinking all the water. And Sophie, I think Sophie thinks this tiger is her friend.

Then the tiger said, “Thank you for my nice tea. I think I’d better go now.”  

And he went!

Sophie’s Mummy said “I don’t know what to do. I’ve got nothing for Daddy’s supper. The tiger has eaten it all.”

And Sophie found she couldn’t have her bath, but why?

Because the tiger had drunk all the water in the tap.

What are they going to do, do you think?

Just then Sophie’s Daddy came home. Wow.

So Sophie and her Mummy told him what had happened, and how the tiger had eaten all the food and drunk all the drink.

And Sophie’s Daddy said, “I know what we’ll do. I’ve got a very good idea. We’ll put on our coats and go to the café.”

So they’re putting on their jackets. So do you think it’s cold or hot outside?

And it’s dark.

So they went out into the dark, and all the street lamps were lit, and all the cars had their lights on, and they walked down the road to a café.

Do you go walking at night?

And they had a lovely supper with sausages and chips and ice cream.

In the morning Sophie and her mother went shopping and they bought lots more things to eat. And they also bought a very big tin of tiger food, in case the tiger should come to tea again.

That was very thoughtful, wasn’t it?

But he never did!

Hmm. Well what was that story about?

Obviously, it’s about a tiger –but a tiger who came in uninvited. He seems pretty polite but then he ate everything – everything, he ate everything. He drank everything and he didn’t care if he didn’t leave anything in the cupboard.

I don’t know, that seems a bit odd I think.

Oh, hang on that’s my dinner! I think you should take your tiger food and go.

Yes, that’s Sophie…Sophie bought that tiger tin for you.

Yes, see you later. Yes and maybe that’s what they should have done.

Said “Goodbye, here’s some food and tata.”

Anyway, I thought it was good that they decided that they would go out for tea instead. Maybe that was a really good idea. Anyway, going out for dinner.

So, sharing and manners, yeah.

So, can you think of a different ending to the story?

Maybe Mummy, Daddy and Sophie went to the tiger’s place the next day. Ha!

Anyway think of a different ending or maybe you can get together with your furry buddies and perhaps take a photo and share it with Brisbane Libraries.

You can share it using tag @brisbanelibraries or using #brisbanelibraries or #LIW2020.

Join us again tomorrow as Sunnybank Hills Library challenge us with their library-themed trivia event.

Now it’s time to say goodbye and let’s say that wonderful tune. It’s so good, here we go and we’ll put this one on too. Are you ready?

>> ANNA (Tiger): Okay.

>> KAREN: Okay, here it goes…

>> TOGETHER: [singing]: Now it’s time to say goodbye, say goodbye, say goodbye.
Now it’s time to say goodbye, we’ll see you all quite soon.

>> KAREN: See you later.

>> ANNA (Tiger): Bye.

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