Library and Information Week: STEM at home with Kirsty at Garden City Library - video transcript

This page is a video transcript of the Library and Information Week: STEM at home with Kirsty at Garden City Library video hosted on Brisbane City Council's YouTube channel. This video is 8 minutes and 39 seconds long.


>> KIRSTY: Hi everyone! I’m Kirsty from Garden City Library. Before we get started, I’d like to acknowledge the Traditional Owners and custodians of the land on which we meet and pay my respects to those that are with us today and those who have past.

Welcome to the last day of Library and Information Week 2020. This year the theme is 'Create'. Every day this week Brisbane Libraries have shared an online event celebrating creativity. We encourage you to all get creative with us and share the projects we inspire. For today’s activity, we will be making some walking horses. So, let’s get started.

For today’s activity, you’ll need a piece of cardboard, a pencil, a pair of scissors and you might want an adult to help you with the scissors and cutting out and a ruler.

So to start, if you want to grab your pencil and a ruler and start marking out some lines. So you’ll want to mark out 5cm on this one here. So 5cm across the top and then 5cm again and another 5cm. So you’ve got it at 5, 10 and 15.

Then you’ll want to turn your cardboard around and mark it on the other side as well. So at ten, five and zero. Then after that, you’ll want to mark out your lines. So just draw a line from one side to the other. At the 5cm and then the 10cm and then the 15cm.

So your paper should have three lines across it. 5cm here, 5cm here and 5cm here. So you’ll want to mark out some more lines and you’ll want 1.5cm across the top here. And you’ll want three lots of those ones. So mark out at 1.5, at 3 and 4.5. And you’ll want to mark those ones across the top on this side too. So one at 3, 1.5 and then at zero. Then you’ll want to mark those lines across as well. 

So when you’ve measured out your horse it should look something like this. So when you’ve measured out your horse it should look something like this. So you should have 5cm here for the legs and head, 5cm here for the body and 5cm here for the legs and tails. And each side should be 1.5cm apart.

So you’ll also want to mark out on the legs a little curve at the side. So you’ll want to use this centre bit here and just go from the centre up to the side a little bit. So you want to draw that on that side as well as this side so not in the middle and then you can turn it around and draw your curves on this side too. So when you finish drawing out your curves it should look something like this. And now you’re ready to cut it out. 

So you’ve cut around the outside, make sure you don’t cut between these lines yet, and we’ll just want to cut around these curves here. So this leg here, this one here, this one here and our last one here. So once we’ve cut out all of our curves, we just want to cut around these lines here. So we don’t want to cut these ones in the middle. So we’ll just make one cut here, just to that centre line there, and then you’re just cutting up to there. We’ll cut this side as well and just cut this end as well. Your horse should look like this. Both ends should be cut and the centre should be intact. 

So we want to fold our legs, so we’ll get our ruler and we’ll just put it over the top and we’ll just fold one, two and three and just push those ones down. And then, turn it around and get your ruler again and fold one, two, three. Just push those ones down. And so your horse should look like this for now and we’ll want to take those ones in the middle and fold that one up, for the head. And fold this one up for the tail. And if you want to curl your tail, you want to grab your pencil again and just put it at the end and roll the tail just along the pencil, all the way down to the bottom. Then take the pencil out and you’ll have a curved tail. 

And to make the head you’ll want to grab the top here and just fold it down. And make a crease and then just grab these two sides here, hold it down in the middle and just squish it in to make the face. You might need to fold your legs a little bit here. And your horse is done! 

Once you’ve created your horse you can test it out by creating a slope. I’ve created my slope today out of cardboard and a stack of books but you can use anything you’ve got at home. You’ll want to use something that’s not too shiny so the horse doesn’t just slide down.

So we’ll grab our horse, we’ll pop it at the top of the slope and we’ll let it walk down. So you can see as it moves down, that one foot is moving in front of the other. So the friction of the cardboard is pushing one leg in front of the other and gravity is pulling it towards the base of the slope.

If you create a horse, you can share it with us in the comments below.

Thank you for joining us all this week as we’ve celebrated creativity within our library community. Remember to keep sharing all the creative projects we’ve inspired over the past seven days. Homemade books, simple animations, unique and wonderful chicken divas, tiger teatime stories, tricky trivia facts and evocative black-out poetry. You can add your creative efforts in the comments below by tagging us @brisbanelibraries or using the hashtag #brisbanelibraries or #liw2020.

Thank you for celebrating Library and Information Week with all of us here at Brisbane Libraries. Bye!

Last updated: 21 May 2020
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