School lesson: How to plant a native tubestock - video transcript

This page is a transcript of the School lesson: How to plant a native tubestock' video on Brisbane City Council's YouTube channel. The video is 2 minutes and 17 seconds long.


>> FIONA: Hi everyone, it’s Fiona here from the Environment Centres.  

So today I’d thought I’d talk to you about planting natives.  

Planting natives in your backyard, is a fantastic thing to do, because it helps to improve our biodiversity. Now biodiversity is the number of plants and animals you have in the area.  

So, today I’ll be planting this plant here and it’s called leptospermum cascade. It’s got these beautiful little pink flowers. Now these would be fantastic for attracting things like native bees and butterflies. So, I’m really excited to see how this plant goes.  

Now to get our plant out of the pot, what we do is we give it a little squish all around the edges and then we tap it, very carefully. Now, we put our fingers across the plant like this, so we don’t damage it, give it a tap on something solid, and it should come out like that.  

Now I’ve already pre-dug my hole here and a good trick to do is to actually put your pot into the hole to check that it’s the right size. That looks pretty good.  

Now, this one has quite a lot of roots. I’m just going to break those apart a little bit, to help the plant take off when it’s in the soil. I’ll pop that down in there and get going with our soil.  

Make sure that we get that all around the plant’s root system and pushing it down firmly so that doesn’t flop over. Next thing that helps the plants to grow is adding some mulch.  

Just put a bit of this around the plant. We don’t want to put it right up against the plant. So, make a bit of a donut shape I guess. Ok. The more the better really. That simple.  

Now the last thing we need to do, to make sure our plant is nice and healthy, is give it a really good water and then we should be good to go. Make sure you water your plant quite regularly when it’s first gone in the ground.  

Thanks, good luck. Why don’t you all plant a plant in your garden?  

Last updated: 16 July 2020