School lesson: Life cycles - video transcript

This page is a video transcript of the School lesson: Life cycles video on Council's YouTube channel. The video is 5 minutes and 33 seconds long minutes long. The lesson is delivered by Jackie, one of Brisbane City Council's Environment Education Officers and was filmed at Boondall Wetlands Environment Centre.


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>> JACKIE: Hi, my name’s Jackie. 

I work for the Brisbane City Council environment centres and we’re here today at one of Council’s reserves, the Boondall Wetlands. There’s a brand-new environment centre here to explore, which is really exciting. Today we are going to be investigating the life cycles of some of the unique plant and animal species that live in the Boondall Wetlands. There’s lots to explore and there’s lots to learn. So let’s go. 


The life cycle of a butterfly is a great example of what’s called abrupt metamorphosis. Which basically means, big changes.  

Butterfly starts our it’s life as an egg. 

Emerging from the egg is a caterpillar which feeds on the host plant of the butterfly. 

The caterpillar eventually becomes a pupa inside a chrysalis. And out of the chrysalis of course eventually emerges the adult butterfly. So there we have the complete life cycle of the butterfly. 


In contrast there are other species that experience a more gradual metamorphosis.

For example, the millipede. They start out life, again as an egg.

Emerging from the egg is a larva.

That larva maintains the same form and becomes bigger before eventually maturing into the adult millipede.

And there you have the gradual metamorphosis, the life cycle of the millipede.  


The life cycle of a frog is really amazing. They go through some incredible changes in their life.

They start out as an egg, usually a frothy egg mass that you can see in the water.

Out of that, emerges a tadpole, so they are swimming around in water.

Eventually they lose their tail, they grow some legs and they hop out onto the land, as a little juvenile, or metamorph frog,  before growing bigger into an adult frog.

What an incredible life cycle a frog has. 

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Last updated: 14 July 2020