STEM: Bean in a jar with Ashlee at Brisbane Square Library - video transcript

This page is a transcript of the 'STEM: Bean in a jar with Ashlee at Brisbane Square Library' video on Brisbane City Council's YouTube channel. The video is one minute and 32 seconds long.


>> ASHLEE: Hi everyone! My name is Ashlee and welcome to STEM at Brisbane Square Library.

Today what we are going to be doing is growing some seeds out of some jars. So to get started, we just need a clear jar, so that we can see what is happening inside. We need some seeds, I’m using beans today. We need some water and some paper towel.

So to get started, grab our clear jar, scrunch up some paper towel and squish that in like so. We are going to grab two of our seeds and we are going to pop them in. We are going to fill it up with some water. We don’t want to drench the paper towel, we just want to dampen it, just a little bit. Like so. Now for the last step we are going to close up our lid.

Now in a couple of days the seeds are going to start to grow and this is called “germination”. So with my one here this one has been growing for about five days now and look how far it has already come. So, we’ve got the seedling here with the sprouts and it has come all the way up here outside of the jar. And this one has been growing for about three or four days now, and it is almost there as well.

So, thank you all for coming to STEM today and don’t forget we have so many amazing resources on our e-books, so if you are looking for more science experiments you can access those.

So, thank you for joining me. I hope to see you all soon. See you later!

Last updated: 2 July 2021
Topics: library