STEM: Catapults with Johan at Chermside Library - video transcript

This page is a transcript of the 'STEM: Catapults with Johan at Chermside Library' video on Brisbane City Council's YouTube channel. The video is three minutes and 32 seconds long.


>> JOHAN: Hi everyone! Welcome to Chermside Library, my name’s Johan. Today we’ve got another STEM activity for you, remember that’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

Okay so today what we’re going to make is a catapult.  These are great fun. You can make them with things that you have at home. Today we’re going to use, some paddle-pop sticks, from ice blocks or nice coloured ones like we have. We are going to use some rubber bands. If you don’t have rubber bands you could always use some loom bands that you might have at home. We are using a pom pom. You could also use a scrap of paper rolled into a ball, and a patty pan for our container.

Okay so what we need to do I’m going to use five paddle pop sticks – one, two, three, four, five paddle pop sticks and I’m going to get a rubber band and wind the rubber band around one end, you can get a grown up to help you with that if you need to. Okay I would probably recommend using two loom bands to one rubber band because they’re not quite as strong.

Okay so we’ve got our sticks. Then we grab two more and put either side, like that. Okay so what we’re going to do now is put a rubber band so it crosses over the middle, keeps that still. This is a little bit tricky, so definitely might need a grown up to help with that. What we want to see is an ‘X’ that’ll make it stay in place.

Okay, see that ‘X’ there.

Alright okay so we’ve got three rubber bands so far, we need one more rubber band. And we’re going to pinch it like that with the rubber band, okay. So again wind it ‘round, around like that.  Okay!  Ooh maybe one more.

Okay then, we need a little patty pan and we’ll stick it on with some sticky tape wound back the other way, roll it up into a little roll like that, stick it on the end. Put our patty pan on the top so that’s stuck now. So that is a little container for our pom pom!

Okay what we’ve also got, so that’s our little catapult. All sorts of different ways that you can make them have a look online see if you can figure out a different way to make a catapult, or you can make one like this.

Now, we’ve got a target. The challenge is to see if we can hit our target. It’s really tricky! Okay let’s try. Now what you do is you hold the base down here, put your finger on the end and WHOAH! Let if fly! There we go. Okay so what you need to do, keep trying, keep trying it’s really tricky. Let’s see if we can do it again. And again!  Oh, so close! (laughter).

Okay, we hope you enjoyed that, I hope you make a wonderful catapult and have a go at making a target.

See you next time, bye!

Last updated: 2 July 2021
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