STEM: Lava lamps with Nanga and Bec at Banyo Library - video transcript

This page is a transcript of the 'STEM: Lava lamps with Nanga and Bec at Banyo Library' video on Brisbane City Council's YouTube channel. The video is 4 minutes and 30 seconds long.


>> BEC: Hey guys, welcome back to Banyo library. My name is Bec.

>> NANGA: and my name is Nanga.

>> BEC: And today we are going to be another library lab so today our experiment that we are doing is going to be a lava lamp.

>> NANGA: Cool!

>> BEC: Yeah should be lots of fun!

>> NANGA: Yep.

>> BEC: So, for today’s experiment you’re going to need some vegetable oil, you're going to need some water, some food colours. So you can pick whatever colour you’d like. And then you’ll need your parents help for this one as well as our last ingredient is Alka-Seltzer or Aspro Clear.

>> BEC: Ok guys so in your jar or your bottle you will pour some oil. So, we want to fill it about three quarters of the way. So about there. Then you need your water. You want to fill that the rest of the way almost. Ok. So now what you want to do is add about five or six drops of food colouring. We have chosen blue for ours. Ok and then the next part is the fun part. You have got to get your Alka-Seltzer tablet, so, you can use a couple – the more you use the more bubbles. So, can you see that fizzing?

>> BEC: So, what happens is the oil and the water don’t mix. If you try to shake up the bottle, the oil will break up into small droplets but it won't mix with the water. When you pour the water into the bottle with the oil, the water sinks to the bottom and the oil floats to the top. So, the oil float because the water is heavier and its more dense than the oil. The Alka-Seltzer tablet it reacts with the water to make carbon dioxide gas. So, the bubbles attach themselves to the coloured water and cause them to float to the surface. When the bubbles pop the colour sinks back to the bottom and you have your lava lamp.

>> NANGA: I’m going to use a funnel for my oil cause I’m a bit clumsy. About three quarters of the way. Is that three quarters? Tell me when.

>> BEC: Yep, yep.

>> NANGA: Thank you my helper.

>> NANGA: Alright get that out of the way. What’s next?

>> BEC: Water.

>> NANGA: Tip some water nearly up at the top. That should do. Let put some red. There you go.

>> BEC: Bit more red.

>> NANGA: More ok. Let’s get our Alka-Seltzer ready. I’ve broken them up.

>> BEC: And when you’ve finished with your lava lamp just make sure that you dispose of your oil in a plastic bottle. Don’t tip it down the drain.

>> BEC: Thanks guys so hope you’ve all had a good time making your lava lamps and we will see you again next time. Bye.

>> NANGA: Bye

Last updated: 2 July 2021
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