STEM: Milk rainbow with Nanga and Bec at Banyo Library - video transcript

This page is a transcript of the 'STEM: Milk rainbow with Nanga and Bec at Banyo Library' video on Brisbane City Council's YouTube channel. This video is 3 minutes and 14 seconds long.


>> NANGA: Hi everyone, welcome to Banyo Library my name is Nanga.

>> BEC: And I am Bec.

>> NANGA: Today we are having a Library Lab. What is a Library Lab? It’s when you get things you might have at home and you do an experiment. What is a milk rainbow? Well your about to find out.

MISC: Woo!

>> NANGA: Did I hear woo in the background?

MISC: Woo!

>> NANGA: Someone’s excited. Ok so what you will need first is mum and dad’s permission. Ok. Don’t go touching things in your kitchen cause you need to be safe. For today’s experiment you just need this few items that you might have at your home. Ok. We’ve got milk, it can be any milk, we’ve got food colouring sometimes you can buy it in a box. We’ve got dish washing liquid, cotton buds. So, if you need to go and grab those now, pause the video.

>> BEC: So, for this you will need your plate, you’ll have a little saucer with some dishing washing liquid in it, you’ll have your milk, you’ll have your cotton buds ready to go and you’ve got your colours. We have red, yellow and blue here.

>> NANGA: Ok, pour milk onto the plate until it’s about half full. Be really careful. If you need mum and dad to help you just get them to help. Now we are going to drop the different food colours onto the plate one at a time be very careful and next to each other one the bowl/plate. Look at that pretty colour. Now take the cotton bud, dip it into the dish soap. Make sure it soaks it all up. Then we are going to place the tip of the cotton bud onto the middle of the plate. Where the food colouring is. Look how its moving. See how its swirling around? When the dish soap is added to the milk with the food colouring on the surface the soap reduces the surface tension on the milk and reacts with the fat in it. This indirection causes the fat particles to move and creates the swirls of colour. The fat and proteins of milk are very sensitive to change. So, when the dish soap is added it causes a chemical reaction. Soap and fat join together which creates the movement. How cool is that?

>> BEC: It’s pretty.

>> NANGA: It’s pretty isn’t it.

>> NANGA: Hope you enjoyed that that was lots of fun wasn’t it. But the big part is now cleansing up the mess. How cool is that? You get to help pack away everything. Ok so mums and dads, thank you for allowing us to use your kitchen. Ok thanks guys see you next time.

>> BEC: Bye.

Last updated: 2 July 2021
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