STEM: M&M rainbow with Nanga and Bec at Banyo Library - video transcript

This page is a transcript of the 'STEM: M&M rainbow with Nanga and Bec at Banyo Library' video on Brisbane City Council's YouTube channel. The video is 2 minutes and 50 seconds long.


>> BEC: Hi guys, so welcome to library lab at Banyo. My name is Bec and this is Nanga and today we are going to be doing an experiment called M&M’s in water.

>> NANGA: Yum I love M&M’s.

>> BEC: Very exciting. Ok so what you need for this is basically a plate, a round plate, you need a packet of M&M’s and you need some water.

>> NANGA: Hang on a minute. Should we ask mum are we allowed to go into the kitchen and get some plates and some water. Mum might need to help us. So, if you need mum to help you say “mum please help” ok right.

>> BEC: So first you have got to take your M&M’s. You can just place them around the circle.

>> NANGA: Do it however you want to do it.

>> NANGA: is that too many Bec?

>> BEC: Well, I think you might just need to make one line as it works better in one line.

>> NANGA: Sometimes you don’t get it right the first time and its alright. Is it good to have the same colours next to each other or not?

>> BEC: You can if you’d like but I find the rainbow looks prettier if you’ve got different colours.

>> NANGA: So, don’t eat all of your favourite colours alright? we’ve got to leave some for our experiment.

>> BEC: Ok so once you’ve got your M&M’s in a circle. You want to get your water and you might want to get your mum to help with this part because it’s a bit heavy. But you’re just going to pour your water carefully on the plate. Until the M&M’s are covered. So, you might be able to see colour leaking out of your M&M. So, when the water touches the M&M’s the colour begins to dissolve off the M&M and run into the water. Because of the shape of the plate and the position of the M&M’s, the colours have no where to go except the middle of the plate and the result is a beautiful rainbow.

>> NANGA: This is a bit tricky.

>> BEC: So, doesn’t that look pretty awesome? And it’s very easy.

>> BEC: So yeah, the result is a beautiful rainbow. We hope you guys enjoyed this version of Library Lab at Banyo Library and hopefully we will see you again really soon.

>> NANGA: Bye everyone.

>> BEC: See you next time.

Last updated: 2 July 2021
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