STEM: Paper chains with Sonya and Emily at Chermside Library - video transcript

This page is a video transcript of the 'STEM: Paper chains with Sonya and Emily at Chermside Library' video on Brisbane City Council's YouTube channel. The video is 3 minutes and 17 seconds long. 


>> SONYA:  Hi, I’m Sonya.

>> EMILY:  And I’m Emily.

>> SONYA:  And we’re from Chermside Library.  And today we’re going to do a STEM activity that you can do from home.  Alrighty.  It’s super easy and Emily and I are going to have a bit of a competition.

>> EMILY:  U-huh.

>> SONYA:  To see who makes the longest chain.

>> EMILY:  So what we’re going to do differently though is I’m going to cut lengthways to see if I can make a longer one.

>> SONYA:  And I’m going to cut width-wise.

>> EMILY:  Alright, you ready?  Let’s see who can win.  So we’re just going to cut strips first.  Now we have finished our cutting.  So now is where we start to make the paper chains so will the skinny long one pieces make it or will the shorter wider ones make the winning chain?

>> SONYA:  So we just sticky tape them together like this, like this, in a circle.  Then you get your next one and you loop them through there. Make another circle and sticky tape that one together.  And then you keep on going.  Keep on going like that.

>> EMILY:  And all these sort of things are thing that you have at home so there’s nothing different. Scissors, paper, some sticky tape.  We’ve got our chain going.  How are you going?

>> SONYA:   I’m getting there.  Going well. 

>> EMILY:  That’s nice.  Now we’ve finished making our chains and we’re going to measure them to see who the winner is.  Was it the long paper or was it the shorter paper and the smaller circles?  So mine is just under one metre.  I didn’t quite make it.  Let’s see how Sonya goes.

>> SONYA:  Who do you think the winner’s going to be?  The length one or the width one?  So I’m going to start mine there at the beginning thank you Emily.  Oh look at that.

>> EMILY:  There is a clear winner.

>> SONYA:  A clear winner.

>> EMILY:  Let’s see how long we can make the winning chain.

>> SONYA:  So mine’s actually one point two…that’s good isn’t it.  So ok are we going to stretch it?

>> EMILY:  Yup let’s see.  Let’s make it as long as possible.

>> SONYA:  Alright, look at that.  Look at that.  One point four. One point four, five.  That’s pretty long.

>> EMILY:  And now we’ve got decorations for Easter!  Hooray!

>> SONYA:  Do you want to stretch this one?

>> EMILY:  Sure.

>> SONYA:  Let’s stretch this one and see how the length one…the length cut chain…one point three.

>> EMILY:  Still didn’t make it.

>> SONYA:  Still didn’t make it but still pretty long.

>> EMILY:  Excellent. Thank you very much for watching us and spending time with us this afternoon.

>> SONYA:  And happy chain making.

>> EMILY:  Bye!

>> SONYA: Bye!

Last updated: 2 July 2021
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