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Find more resources to help with grants, funding, sport and community organisation management and more.

Grants and funding

Organisations can access tools and resources to assist in grant writing, training for grant applicants and further information on the grants process at the Australian Institute of Grants Management.

These resources provide information on available grants and funding opportunities for sport and community organisations:

Council community lease or licence sites require landlord approval before completing any works at the site. You can apply for landlord approval by submitting an Application for Works on a Community Lease Site online form. The Community Facilities Operations team consults with a number of Council areas regarding proposed works. Most applications take 20-30 business days from receipt of a complete application to assess and respond. Complex applications may take longer to assess. If you are applying for a grant to fund this work, you will need to submit your application well in advance of submitting a grant application to Council or other organisations.

Club health check

The Australian Sports Commission has designed an online assessment tool called the Club Health Check.

The Club Health Check aims to help sporting clubs examine how they are operating and identify areas of improvement. Council recommends this tool be used annually, particularly following an annual general meeting and/or change in committee members.

Government organsations

Other support and industry groups

Community leasing

  • Community leasing - information for current and prospective tenants of Council facilities

More information

For further advice on resources for sport and community organisations phone Council on 07 3403 8888 and ask to speak to the Community Facilities Operations team.

Last updated: 21 December 2020