Prospective tenants

Brisbane City Council provides land and facilities for eligible not-for-profit community organisations to use through lease or licence agreements.

When land and facilities become available Council may seek applications from eligible community organisations through a community facility tender process. Register your interest by completing the Community facility waiting list online form.

Guidelines for tenure of existing community facilities

Council is committed to the fair and equitable allocation of land and facilities to the Brisbane community for sport, recreation, cultural and community purposes.

When allocating a community facility, Council seeks to:

  • promote equitable access to facilities for a range of community, sport, recreation and cultural organisations
  • provide positive benefits and values to the community
  • ensure the use of community facilities is aligned to the Brisbane Vision as well as Council's strategies, legislative requirements and regulatory frameworks
  • increase the health, social wellbeing and community life of the city
  • ensure the facilities are not used for purposes such as political gain or places of worship, or for activities that support violence, intolerance or discrimination
  • promote optimal use of community facilities in cooperation with residents and community organisations
  • work in partnership with community organisations to ensure that the development and management of community facilities reflects community need and best practice
  • encourage community development by providing community organisations with facilities and other resources to deliver their activities.

Application process for tenure of an existing Council facility

When facilities become available, Council may advertise and seek applications from eligible community organisations through a tender process.

Council is not obliged to accept an application, and will explore all available options to assist each applicant to meet its objectives.

If your application is successful, Council will contact you to negotiate a contractual agreement with your organisation.

If your application is unsuccessful, Council will contact you if another suitable facility becomes available in the following 12 months.

Council cannot guarantee the allocation of community facilities to every organisation that applies. However, we will explore all available options to assist each community organisation.


To lease or licence a Council facility, you must:

  • be an incorporated association or equivalent
  • be a not-for-profit community-based organisation 
  • have open membership
  • demonstrate how you will meet financial obligations of a lease, licence or other tenure arrangement
  • maintain appropriate insurances including $20 million public liability cover
  • have a post office box address.

For leases only, you must also have a damage policy covering full replacement value of buildings and fixtures. For information on incorporating an association, visit the Office of Fair Trading.

Tenure options


Lease documents are registered in the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy. You should consider a lease if you plan to make improvements and/or develop infrastructure at the facility. Responsibilities include:

  • paying Council annual rent
  • paying other fees and charges in accordance with the lease
  • repairs and maintenance of the facility.

Council offers a standard term lease of four years. In rare cases, you may be able to negotiate a longer lease term.


A licence is suitable if you only want to use facilities for a few days a week. Responsibilities include paying:

  • Council a rent/licence fee
  • other fees and charges relating to terms and conditions.

The standard licence term is one year.

Application for a seasonal licence

To apply for a seasonal licence your organisation needs to:

Note the closing dates for each season:

  • applications for the summer season (1 October - 31 March) close on 31 August
  • applications for the winter season (1 April - 30 September) close on 28 February.

While Council will endeavour to meet your organisation’s request for usage, please note that receipt of your application by Council does not guarantee your request will be granted.

Establishing a new facility on existing Council land

To establish a new facility on existing Council land, contact Council on 07 3403 8888.

More information

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Last updated: 15 May 2019