Sunset Park closed landfill leachate management works - Ashgrove

Construction works to extend the sewer line adjacent to properties in Monoplane Street and into Sunset Park, Ashgrove started in mid-July 2019.

The sewer line extension works will enable Stage 2 of the project to take place in the future. The upgrade will involve the leachate collection system associated with the closed landfill. The leachate system collects any contaminated water that leaves the landfill and redirects it to the sewer main for treatment. 

Timing of construction depends on future budget allocation. Council will keep local residents and businesses informed about as planning progresses. 

Construction works for the sewer line extension will include:

  • extending the sewer line to the end of Monoplane Street and into Sunset Park
  • installing two new manholes
  • removal of street trees. 

These initial works will take up to four weeks to complete, weather and construction conditions permitting.

Construction impacts

Throughout construction the local community can expect some construction related noise, dust and vibration during the works. During construction, there will be:

  • temporary restricted property access and vehicle restrictions on Monoplane Street during trenching (temporary access to affected residents will be provided where necessary)
  • construction laydown areas and parking in Sunset Park to limit the impact on Monoplane Street residents. 
  • safe pedestrian and cyclist access around the worksite and pathways.

Council will inform local residents in advance of out-of-hours activities. Construction will take place between 7am and 5pm, Monday to Saturday, weather permitting. 

More information

For more information about the Sunset Park closed landfill leachate management works, you can:

  • phone the project team on 1800 884 681 (during working hours)
  • phone Council on 07 3403 8888 (after hours)
  • email the team
  • write to:
    Sunset Park closed landfill leachate management works
    City Projects Office
    Brisbane City Council
    GPO Box 1434
    Brisbane Qld 4001.
Last updated:12 July 2019
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