New Farm Park heritage values

Brisbane City Council has consulted with the community community to help inform planning for future conservation management in New Farm Park.

This work is part of Council’s commitment to

  • enhance and maintain more than 2100 parks across Brisbane
  • maintain the character and heritage of our suburbs, while recognising and protecting those features that are integral to our lifestyle.


This table provides information about the New Farm Park heritage values project including address, ward, project outcomes and latest update.


New Farm Park, Sydney Street, New Farm



Project outcomes

New Farm Park heritage values community consultation

Latest update

Survey closed

About the project

Council is always planning for the future, whilst caring for the past. Parks are live and evolving spaces which grow with the local community.

As New Farm Park is one of 35 state-listed heritage parks in Brisbane, it is important we retain significant cultural and heritage elements.

Council is seeking to understand which heritage elements are significant to the community who access and enjoy the park, and which heritage criteria resonate with the community.

Project benefits

Community consultation on New Farm Park will assist Council to:

  • understand heritage elements of significance to the community
  • inform future planning for conservation management
  • ensure an iconic heritage park is managed in a manner that protects its cultural and heritage significance in a changing environment.

Community consultation

To plan for the management of heritage values in New Farm Park, Council asked the community for feedback about the heritage elements of the park between 20 May and 10 June 2019.  

Outcomes from the community survey will help inform future planning and management of New Farm Park and ensure heritage values are preserved.

More information

If you would like to ask questions or find out more about the project, you can:

Last updated:13 June 2019
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