Artforce - Painting a box

Would you like to paint a traffic signal box in Brisbane? Get involved with Artforce. Artforce is a Brisbane City Council initiative managed by Urban Smart Projects. 

If you would like to paint a box visit Urban Smart Projects and read the FAQs to find out everything you need to know.

If you would like to participate visit Urban Smart Projects and select ‘Artist Login’ and register as an artist. Your login area is called your ‘artist dashboard’.

Choosing a traffic signal box 

Traffic signal boxes (TSBs) to be painted are released each quarter in January, March, June and October. To check the next release date, visit Urban Smart Projects.

To browse TSB sites that will be next released visit Urban Smart Projects' Paint page.

On the map, select the purple square over Brisbane and zoom in to view locations. Zoom in until you get down to a single site that you are interested in and note the identification number for example 'B0897'.

If the box painting quota for the quarter has been reached, the Brisbane TSBs will show as not currently available. Select the Notification List button to receive an email reminder before the next release date.

At 9am sharp of the release date, go to Urban Smart Projects, login to your dashboard and select Paint a Box. Search for boxes in your desired area or if you know the box you would like to paint enter the identification number and request the site is allocated to you.

Designing your traffic signal box

Your TSB will be allocated to you for one month during which time you will need complete a online safety induction and upload your design. Follow the prompts in your dashboard to complete the necessary steps.

Before you start designing, visit your TSB. Get a feel for the area and get inspired. When you’re at the Box site check how many sides of the Box are visible and can be painted.

Artforce designs must enhance local identity and be about, either:

  • the character of the local place; or
  • the history of the local place.

Designs must also:

  • be an original idea, not someone else’s idea
  • foster community pride
  • must not have large areas of blank colour leaving space for graffiti tags
  • be brightly coloured and not use lots of dark colour which can cause the Box to overheat
  • involve contrast and not camouflage due to vision impairment issues
  • include your signature as it will be painted on the box. On the actual Box, signatures must be no larger than 10cm high and 30cm wide.

In general, designs will not be approved if they involve:

  • trademarks, brands, business names, logos or copyrighted images
  • images that are political or religious
  • images that may upset people for example of nudity or violence
  • significant amounts of text
  • images that look like illegal graffiti
  • collage or gluing anything onto the Box.

What equipment do I need to paint a traffic signal box

Once your design is approved and the artist agreement is signed you will be supplied with an Artforce Pack. The pack will include safety vests, safety cones, painting rags and drop sheets as well as the following paint colours: red, blue, yellow, magenta, ochre, red oxide, white, black and undercoat. You can mix other colours from the base colours provided. A colour mixing chart is provided in the Helpful Resources section of your Dashboard on the Urban Smart Projects website.

Artists need to provide their own paint brushes, sun protection and basic first aid kit and must comply with safety and environmental guidelines.

More information

For more information contact Urban Smart Projects by:

  • email
  • phone 07 3211 7178.
Last updated:27 April 2019
Topics: public art