Is it time to set new fitness goals? Brisbane City Council is dedicated to an active, healthy city and our free and low-cost activities are a great way to discover a new you in 2020.

With 22 local pools, over 170 outdoor gyms, thousands of active and healthy classes, plus bikeways and more, there really is more to see and do for you!

What is your fitness style?

Our active and healthy events include something for everyone, from rock climbing at Kangaroo Point to bike skills sessions in one of Council's parks and everything in between. Whatever your fitness style, there is an activity for you!


Build your strength, endurance and cardio fitness by sweating it out in high-intensity workouts.

Strength activities


Whether it's a bushwalk or bike ride, connecting with nature improves your health and wellbeing.

Nature-based activities


Take time out from the hustle and bustle and balance the heart, mind and body.

Zen activities


Get your heart pumping with our adventurous active and healthy activities on water and land.

Adventure activities



Get a total body workout while having heaps of fun moving and grooving.

Cardio activities


Tone your whole body with our range of free and low-cost classes that focus on body shape. 

Toning activities

Get fit on a budget


7 days, 7 ways 

Check out our 7 days of fit-spiration to make you sweat for free or for less than the cost of your morning coffee.


Work on your cardiovascular fitness by swimming or walking laps or joining a class at one of Council's 22 pools.

Outdoor gyms

More than 170 of Council's parks have outdoor gyms providing an opportunity to exercise and get fit outdoors for free.


Regular cycling can help increase your cardiovascular fitness. Discover Brisbane's extensive network of bikeways with Cycling Brisbane.

Workouts for our Council outdoor gyms

We took personal trainer Roger from @mind_and_muscle_pt to one of our Council outdoor gyms to step us through workouts for the upper body and core and legs. Watch the videos below, or watch them on Council's YouTube channel.

This video is 3.09 minutes long.

Video transcript

Upper body workout at Brisbane City Council's outdoor gyms

Complete 3 sets of each exercise.

Workout by @mind_and_muscle_pt

[Background music throughout video]

Chest press - 10-15 repetitions

First up we're going to start with the chest press, which is going to target the chest, triceps and a bit of the shoulders.

First thing we want is the shoulder blades back, tucked down and together, chest up, core nice and tight. And now push through the palms. Big squeeze, full extension, and bring it all the way back.

Push ups - 10-15 repetitions

So here we have a push-up which is going to target the chest, triceps and shoulders as well as the core.

To start with we're going to jump up on the knees. Just make sure when we're pressing down that the chest comes over the body and the shoulders stay back. That's it, controlling down and squeezing back up.

To make this harder we're going to jump up onto the toes. Keep that core nice and tight, pin the shoulders back and off we go.

Inverted row - 10-15 repetitions

And here we have an inverted row which is going to target primarily the back, biceps and forearms.

So we want to lean back, holding the rings. Get our body into a nice flat position, core nice and tight, and then drawing up through the elbows, pulling up, that's it. Keeping the shoulder blades down, big squeeze and come down nice and slow.

So to make this one a little bit harder we're going to creep the feet forward just a touch. That's it, keep your back nice and flat, core tight, and pulling up.

Dips - 3 repetitions

So here we have a body weight dip which is a more advanced version, which is also going to target the chest, triceps and shoulders.

We're going to make sure we pin the shoulders back again, core night and tight, really squeezing the triceps.

Chin ups - 3 repetitions

Here we have a chin up which is going to target the back, biceps and forearms.

So we'll grab on to the bar. You want a full extension, lock the shoulder blades in, squeeze the core and then squeezing up through the biceps. Control down. All the way up.

So if we can't do this as well, you can jump up, hold and come down nice and slow.

Here we go. One! [Participant laughs]

The harder version is the wide grip pull up. So we're gonna go over hand, targeting the same muscles to a different extent. Again locking the scapular in, pulling up through the back, squeezing up. Chin over. Control.

This video is 2.27 minutes long.

Video transcript

Core and legs workout at Brisbane City Council's outdoor gyms

10-15 repetitions each exercise for three sets

Workout by @mind_and_muscle_pt

[Background music throughout the video]

Knee raises

So here we have knee raises which is going to target the abdominals, your core.

So you really want to brace yourself up on the parallel bars, push your back back, roll the hips in to squeeze the tummy. So we're targeting the bottom abdominals and really pulling up with the knees. We'll stop it there.

Now to make this one a little bit harder we're gonna straighten the legs but still targeting the lower abdominals. So big squeeze.

Sit ups

Here we have a sit-up so we're really going to target the abdominals.

So we want to make sure we're not flying back and flying back up. So really tuck in the core, roll the hips up. Nice and slow down and not going all the way to the bottom, but pulling short about a couple inches. So control down and squeeze up.

Split squats

So here we have a split squat, which is essentially a single legged squat.

So really targeting the single leg trying to focus on pushing through the hamstring and the glutes. Really driving through the heel and squeezing the glutes. Coming down slow, driving up.

To make this one a little bit harder, we're going to chuck the back foot on here. Still driving through the heel, squeezing the glute. And just making sure the knee stays behind the toe, that's it. And sitting into it.

Leg presses

So next up we've go the leg press, which is going to target the legs, mainly the quads, hamstrings and glutes. So we really want to emphasise pushing through the heels to really activate the hamies and the glutes and take pressure off the knees.

Last updated: 22 May 2020